Cute cartoon about a parking spot stealer


I put a trigger warning in the post for control freaks! Chalk this one up as millennial “humor.” 2.5 million of them watched, and the~150K who liked it can’t be wrong! Or can they???


What made me laugh about it was how much time they spent creating such a pointless story. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


Catholics not respecting a sign? What has the world come to!?


kind of pointless


Strange as it sounds, there are plenty of good reasons to want to use a treadmill at a gym instead of jogging outdoors. A treadmill will maintain a pace for you. The ground outside is uneven. Ozone and other particulates make outdoor activity hazardous to some people. A gym has a staff on hand to help if you do fall.


That was, indeed, a ton of effort put into an incredibly inconsequential and not-very-funny-in-any-way story with zero payoff. I’m really not sure why Domics thought this minor incident was animation-worthy but I guess the bar for YouTube entertainment is kinda low. Still, it got him several million hits!


I used to drive to a gym every day to run on a treadmill. The weather where I live is rarely good enough to exercise outside (jogging with 2 feet of snow on the ground is no fun) and at the gym I could do a bit of running, then weights, then rowing, or any number of machines. And the gym itself was 5 miles away, so not exactly a quick jog.


Well I for one found this video worthwhile. It’s important to occasionally remind oneself why one doesn’t want to hear from self-obsessed weeaboos who feign passionate views on boring salaryman minutiae as a way of gloating that they don’t technically live with their parents.


I think you nailed it that it is definitely millennial humor. Because this mid 40-something would definitely have gotten him towed and probably slipped the tow driver $100 to NOT be gentle with the car.


I’ve been a landlord for 20 years. The ONLY conflicts I’ve had to deal with in all those years have been over parking spots – once I even had an otherwise-mild tenant kick in a door in anger because he was so upset that his spot was occupied. At one point I simply closed the lot and stopped offering off-street parking because I couldn’t deal with the drama.

My guess? It’s because when people get home from work they really have to pee.


100% this. I can vouch for my bladder.


MORAL: Don’t ever give them a third chance.


I watched about five minutes of this, and now I hate everybody.

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