CVS and Walgreens will begin selling abortion pills this month

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Time to make those forced-birth anti-abortionists our prime target!



A pharmacy selling an FDA-approved medication? What a concept! What next? Offering FDA-approved flu shots?!

This is the pass we’ve come to in this country, where experts doing their everyday jobs – even in pursuit of the almighty dollar – are opposed by 27% of the adult population.


Surprised that Amazon hasn’t jumped on board as well in their pursuit of the pharmacy retail market.


Should be government funds for a few such drugs in precautionary kits to be handed to young folks while getting their HPV vaccine (wouldn’t that cause republican old man toupees to ignite?)


Any regulatory wonks know what “become certified to dispense the pills” implies in the context of a preexisting retail pharmacy carrying an FDA-approved drug without obvious special conditions(eg. not of interest to the DEA; not a radiopharmaceutical whose potency changes by the hour or potentially requires a health physicist to keep an eye on the situation)?

Is that just a weirdly active way of saying that the FDA allowing retail pharmacies to dispense allowed them, as retail pharmacies, to dispense? Is there some sort of (presumably normally a formality, given the sheer number of prescription drugs carried by retail pharmacies) paperwork involved in a pharmacy adding a new drug to the catalog? Was there some special provision tacked on in this case because of all the moralistic fretting?

I believe, and someone please correct me if I’m wrong, that prior to this, the pills had to be administered, not just prescribed. So a doctor or a nurse would need to give them to you while you were physically in a clinic or hospital, rather than just let you pick them up at the pharmacy and take them at home.

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