FDA says abortion drug may be sold at pharmacies

Originally published at: FDA says abortion drug may be sold at pharmacies | Boing Boing


FDA approval pre-empts such efforts—assuming a conservative Supreme Court doesn’t decide to overturn it with this single issue in mind.

As usual, the question will come down to Roberts weighing the long-term benefit to corporate America between pandering to Xtianists or allowing big pharma an opportunity to take in profits. Otherwise, the other right-wing Justices can be counted on to nod along with “states’ rights” if subtracting from the individual rights of women or minorities is on the docket.


If they are talking about RU486 that’s one thing, but if they are referring to “Plan B,” which PREVENTS conception and pretty much eliminates the need for abortion, then that’s a separate issue entirely. If they simply supplied every woman with a supply of Plan B pills to use after sex, this whole issue would be moot. I’ve talked to some ultra-conservatives who believe that any interference in the conception process, even simple prevention, is considered abortion.

This post is about Mifepristone aka RU-486.


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