Cyberpunk anime ad for Murphy's Irish Stout (UK, 1997)

You gonna tell me you’ve never been to a Chuck E. Cheese?

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Oops - sorry!

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Plenty of pubs still have bells for last orders, it’s just that closing time isn’t 11pm everywhere (it is in some).
One of the local pubs near me still uses it as a way to get everyone’s attention, only now it’ll be at 00:45 not 22:40

Oh, I’m glad to hear it. I must be going to the wrong pubs :slight_smile:

Beamish Stout is Best Stout. Unless you want to use it to make steak pie, in which case use Mackesons.

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The best stout is Lancaster Milk Stout! I do like Beamish, though, it’s tasty.

The problem with nitro taps is that it limits your reach. For a small craft brewer if you have something that is only on nitro then it’s likely only going to be available at your brewpub/taproom. Serious beer bars may have a rotating nitro tap but that’s about it.

This is only a problem if you let it be a problem, there’s no shortage of nitrogen taps in Ireland or the UK. They are more work to maintain than regular taps, so it’s important that someone maintains standards, and obviously that’s a lot easier for Diageo to do than a craft brewer, but that just means the breweries should organise something with their local craft brewery association to ensure the bars keep the standards up. Like I said, it’s becoming more common now, so maybe they are doing that. You can also bottle the stuff meant for nitro taps just fine too.

It doesn’t need to be just stouts either, ale is lovely through a nitro tap, just a shame it’s usually bland mass-produced stuff like Caffery’s, Boddingtons or John Smiths. Nitro allows for much fuller flavoured beers to be drank all night, I’m usually sick of IPAs after one or two, so rather than just brew milder session ales (which are often still too hoppy for me to want to drink all night anyway) why not try them with nitro? Guinness have a nitro-IPA, but I’ve not tried it, and a quick google tells me there are some american craft brewers doing this already, I’ve not seen any this side of the pond though. Hoppyness is definitely a limiting factor in the spread of craft beers, so it’s probably a good idea for them to try it out.

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