Cyberpunk anime ad for Murphy's Irish Stout (UK, 1997)

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Present day
Closing time


I would watch the hell out of this movie. Beer product placement and all.

Also, were the other customers in the bar just like…decorative androids?
Because they were still inside when the door sealed and the lights went out.


So, let me get this straight. Every hour, some poor fool gets a ricocheted hunk of metal lobbed at them from the town bell?


Just at closing time.

In British pubs (I’m assuming Irish too but I might be wrong) before the change in the law regarding opening/closing times, last orders (half an hour before closing) would be signalled with a bell and the call of ‘last orders at the bar please’

Now pubs don’t have to stop serving at 11pm you don’t hear the bell any more. Also night clubs are dying out as you don’t have to go to one if you want a late drink.

Also no need for lock-ins, where the curtains were closed and the door locked at 11 and you hoped a policeman didn’t wander by (unless he was in there, too). Ah, the good old days


Ireland is not the UK. Please change the post title. Murphy’s is from Cork.


FWIW, the YouTube poster indicates the ad was taped from Channel 4 in England.


there was a live action version as well:

…great use of Masaru Sato’s theme from Seven Samurai.

I was actually in Dublin city centre one day when the actors from this were running around in full Ronin gear as part of some kind of publicity stunt. Was weird to see them running down O’Connell street.


If that commercial was made today in Japan…


It’s easier for everybody to know your name if you’re all stuck inside drinking from the tap overnight.

“What? You mean the door unlocks from the inside? Huh, I guess we didn’t think to look for a switch.”

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Neat! Did they get any particularly famous animation talent for this one?

from the youtube description:

Agency: Nexus Productions
Director: Hiroyuki Kitakubo
Character Design/Animation Director: Kazuchika Kise
Layout: Atsushi Takeuchi
Art Director: Hiromasa Ogura
Animation Production: Production I.G


Apparently Cork is the place to go for stouts. I used to enjoy Beamish stout, but they stopped importing it at the local taphouse. The one time I visited Ireland, the locals in Killarney thought it an odd request.


Pop Team Epic is… weird. I’ve tried reading the translated comics and I’m just baffled.

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Beamish is my favourite draught stout, only about 1 in 10 pubs in Ireland will have it on tap though (more common in Cork), even harder to find outside Ireland. Murphy’s is nice too, but not that much different to Guinness.

It’s nice to see craft brewers using nitrogen taps more often in their stouts and porters too, it makes all the difference.


was waiting for the beer bottles to be pulled out of a tub of steaming hot water

And in the event of Vogon construction fleets hovering in the sky in exactly the way that bricks don’t.


On one hand, you’re right - the ad is from the UK, though the drink originates from Ireland.

On the other hand, it really annoys non-English Brits (like me) when people refer to the UK (where Channel 4 broadcasts) as ‘England’.

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Well, I hope you’re annoyed at the YouTube dude and not me! I’m just the messenger. And, for my part, I say (Scotland || Wales) > England. (No opinion on N. Ireland.)

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It’s apparently a genre… Murphy’s Samurai?