Cylindrical, quivering, gelatinous, tinned 12-course meal


Man, I was really hoping this meant the return of the Gallery of Regrettable Food.

On the other hand, this would probably be awesome for folks with dental or stomach issues. My cousin had his jaw wired shut once, and there’s only so much soup a person can eat.


Serve with activated charcoal, Pepto-Bismol and a stomach pump.

Shut up and take my money!!!


Want, want, WANT! I am so the market segment for this item! Egregiously crispity-crunchity textures have always been my bugbear at the dinner table. And I just love that there’s some kind of either pickly or bitter or just plain stanky element in every layer–I am willing to believe that it’s not gone off! I need this for my earthquake kit. Although I don’t quite understand how the pear ginger juice holds its position between the celeriac purée and the rib eye–is it in a companion can?–everything else about this eases my anxieties about the post-apocalypse.


Where’s Violet Beauregarde when you need her?


What is this meal missing? BRAAAINS!

Growing up, I used to eat canned brains at my Maw Maw's house - until I learned how to read. "Brains?!?!?!"

— Kelly Hogan (@hoganhere) August 4, 2013

I just like the color combinations.
I think it would make a good sweater.

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“A new fad that’s sweeping the nation: wasting food.”

(Simpsons already did it.)

Christ, you guys are out to get me tonight. Just got home from a brief trip to my parents’ house and plopped down on my couch with a microwaved burrito (not a store-bought prefab one, but one leftover from the three I handmade for myself last night… still, don’t start thinking it’s fancy: flour tortilla, ground beef, frijoles refritos, grated cheddar cheese, chopped olives, and ketchup. Muy autentico for my trailer park!), and I thought I’d check out a post or two on BB to help my trailer-trash burrity go down. First thing I saw was the fatberg from the London sewers. Gag. And then I come across this.

Screw all y’all, I think I’ll finish my dinner over at Slate or HuffPo or something.

(Naw, just kidding. Keep the revolting blucky stuff coming. I can take it. This burrito, however, may be a miscalculation…)

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May I recommend ?

Ahh, modern “art”. Wasting food in new and creative ways since 1947.

Ugh! If real, vomitous.
Reminds me of this Zippy strip


You guys never heard of Ensure or Boost or something called nutritional supplement?

Soylent me…are they trying to reinvent the wheel? AGAIN?

I’d eat one. Of course, I might not eat another one. Where do I sign?

No, because Soylent isn’t a nutritional supplement. Soylent contains everything your body needs so you theoretically don’t have to eat anything else. It’s more like Futurama’s “Bachelor Chow”.

This is what they will be eating on the way to Mars.

Oh that’s just great, blame the victim. That poor burrito doesn’t even have a website.

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You are to tell me this marketing group that barely have any experience in the medical field has developed a product that is better then Ensure? HA!

Quit your marketing and go visit a hospital that deals with nutrition. They deal with this sort of thing on the front lines, where the patient may come in with special dietary needs, like allergies, or even worst they come in with multiple complications.

At the end of the day, this is no more better then any nutritional supplement. And is commonly used and approved in hospitals.

No “whaffer thin” mint? I’m disappointed.

I do really want to see a Pousse Cafe jello shot with a separate and complimentary drink for each layer as well.

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