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Yay Stelvio.

If you not aware of the ElDiabolik podcast you should be…

Also found this on CD the other day at the library for sale bin. I had not given it a listen since I got rid of it with all my other cassetes.


Wow. Neneh Cherry “speaking her mind, per usual, addressing our global shitshow not with histrionics, but with heartfelt, clear-eyed ruminations, sorrow, playfulness and resolve.” -RollingStone






So not this Andrea Martin?

Cause we can all use some silly grins right now.




That whole album is so fucking good… the song I enjoy the least (which I still think is amazing) is her cover of Prince’s Nothing Compares 2 U, which is what most people know her for… the songs she wrote are just so personal and so good… I love this one:

Or Black Boys on Mopeds, which is still incredibly relevant:

Just the opening line of that song is an indictment of western, racist hypocrisy.


Because, well because everyday is Halloween for Rob Zombie.


Happy Halloween!


I’ve been enjoying Greta Van Fleet, though they’re such a ridiculously blatant Led Zeppelin clone that they’re definitely in the “guilty pleasure” category. But they’re fun! I’m very curious to see if they just keep copying Zep or if they’re able to stand on their own merits in the future. They certainly have the chops, energy, and youth.


They were on the drive in to work tunes this AM. They definitely have the gift and I will enjoy hearing them grow into their own skins.

Perhaps a tour in the future with the most awesome kick ass 8yr old Zep drummer Yoyoka Soma. Parents willing of course!


Mostly a feel, mostly a vibe.


So adorbs!!

Thanks, that was a treat.




I… I do believe in reincarnation.


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