Da Musicz


A matter of time, a matter for the soul… Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm


Can not stop hitting repeat:


Before watching, somehow my brain parsed “Baby shark, do-do-do-do-doooo…”



Did my brain take too far a leap?


Because, well, chops and jugs!






Whoa, for a second there, I almost thought the drummer was my old roommate, who was part of the University of Florida drum corps section of the marching band. Strong resemblance, there.



Because pajama parties and goddammit a 15 yr old Steve Winwood who sounds like Ray Charles.


Because, well, Bonnie and Lowell.


“We find ourselves in a cold civil war. Everyone is playing their part too well. Certain actors are reaping power and wealth from divisiveness. Echoes of the Spanish civil war when fascists and clergy win because they put up a united front against the individualistic and principled (yet scattered) left. We can turn this ship around but need to step back and be honest with ourselves about what’s happening while it’s still relatively bloodless.” -Andrew Bird


This performance of Jubilee Street by Mr Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds is simply amazing.

Wow. Master of his craft.


Looks like a nice weekend coming up. Chance of Sun is good. Chance of Sunset even better.

Happy Friday!


Thanks, nice message, and nice style change for him. I think he’s becoming a better singer! I was wondering where the fiddle-playing went, until I saw him briefly plucking the thing (and then, finally, heard him bowing it).




Because, well because now I’m in love with three women…

Four if you include my lovely wife!