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Because, well because hippy chicks! “Ace of Cups”

“The Ace of Cups was an American rock band formed in San Francisco in 1967. It has been described as one of the first all-female rock bands.”



Because the guitarist is having so much fun. :slight_smile:


Aces! Very cuppy. :+1:


I stumbled on the 2nd video the other day…
So the song

And why it is so great…


Yes! I watched that explainer vid awhile back. Very edumacational!




Cousin It’s got the moves. And a damn fine hat.


Because, well Merle and Wonder Woman.



Lightning in a bottle…Yazoo.



OMG! Break on Down!

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This one always puts me in a good mood:


Purple, Prince and Pipes.




Discovered this in the bonus section (I Am 8-Bit) of “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters” DVD.

Think “My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shield’s guitars were stolen so has to use forgotten retro-synths stashed in recording studio storage room”. Beautifully offers up the intimate vibe of a wee-hours FM station pick that you only got to hear because of weird, long distance-enabling atmospherics and a mislabeling of the CD. Imagine the luck!!!