Dad encourages his little girl hauling in 5 pound bass with her Barbie fishing pole


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i’m amazed the pole could handle it.
adjusts monocle

back in my day a novelty fishing pole would break on a leaf. kids these days…


I’ll get the smelling salts.


I do believe “fishing” has been established as one of Barbie’s many documented professions and/or hobbies. Even her sisters like to join her!


This certainly didn’t make the fish smile. Poor fishy :frowning:


That was awesome. @arcduke: bass is good eating. The fish had a much nicer life than most of our food animals do.


He had it comin’. He was a jerk to his fishy family and was implicated in several tax scandals.


Now he sleeps with the bipeds.


File this video under U for unicorns.


I heard he had a predilection for guppies.


i’m sad for the fish, too, but omg that was a beautiful father/daughter bonding moment. :’ )


That little girl is hysterical, I LOLd


Back in your day, they were made out of dessicated bamboo, instead of laminated fiberglass.

The line would be the most likely thing to break. Trout fishing, I lost a lot of “big ones” and colorful lures spoons waggleworts and buzzbombs to the 8lb test snapping while I was fighting a 1.5lb trout fighting like a goddamn Spartan.


I don’t sportfish any more myself for ethical reasons, but… I’m not going to hate on a dad and his kid bonding and having a great time. It’s regrettable that the fish has to suffer like that… But after all that fish would have probably died of disease or predation anyway.


Out of curiosity, which ethical reasons are those? You see it as more ethical for someone else to kill your food for you, preferrably in some far off industrial setting?

And besides, that’s a fresh water fish and probably stocked exactly for this purpose.

Anyway, agreed, great video.


I don’t sportfish because I don’t eat fish, or any seafood. Never have been able to. And catch and release can be alternatively expressed as causing pain and suffering to an animal for my own entertainment. So I don’t do it. It’s too selfish and pointless. If I could eat fish, then I would still sportfish and eat it.


Aha, good point. Agreed on catch and release.


It’s the implication after all. The implication.


What is the deal with all the videos named the same as this one? Some of them look like simple re-uploads, but there’s a whole bunch that are just the name applied to a completely random video.