"Dad, How Do I?" provides how-to videos for kids without dads.

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I don’t know how to tie a tie without watching a Youtube video the entire time. Guess my kid is growing up without a father too…or much of one, at any event.


My mum taught me how to tie a tie. It was still one of the first things that I dropped as soon as I got some limited control of my gender expression.

The only tie I have worn since leaving school was the clip-on one that I had when working at Carlisle United, and I only managed that because I could remove it the second my work ended.


I’ve always hated ties because I have a pretty thick neck (although not in proportion to my bulbous head), so the top button on the kinds of shirts I can afford is always slightly choking me. On the rare occasion I’ve had a tailored shirt they’ve not bothered me.

I wonder what happens to a child who realizes at some point that all the things they’re learning from their father, their father learned 10 minutes earlier watching a Youtube video. I can totally see that being the case for my son.


Meanwhile, my girls had to use YouTube for all the instructional videos of things a mom is supposed to teach them (makeup, etc.), but I had no trouble teaching how to tie a tie, or change a tire, etc. And my dad jokes are renowned!


I just keep a tie already knotted for the extremely rare occasion that I must wear one of these nooses. When I didn’t have one ready, I would look up on line how to do it. I like this guy’s idea to help people.

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