Daily Mail reporter poses on Syria front lines with gun


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hey, it’s fine - he’s only a forerunner of weaponized freedom of the press.


Different spin on fifth columnist.


But he really does look badass, you have to give him that. What else matters?


Case of very bad judgement.


He must have been confused between fourth estate and fifth column :wink:


I honestly thought it said daffy male reporter.


Between Trump and this, this… assclown, the time has come to have a long talk about the rise of the professional amateur in right-wing circles.


Does “STFU Noob; LOL” count as a long talk?


The reporter should have never touched the gun, but I think the editors are to blame here, too (and maybe more). The headline sounds as if he carried a gun while the attack was underway, but in the text it’s described as posing afterwards and that he “reluctantly” took hold of the weapon.


and I feel dirty now, this was more or less the first time I actually read a Daily Mail article


FTA: and invites summary execution upon capture.

…but can’t that already be said of all Daily Mail “reporters”?


Certainly the wall will beckon when the revolution comes!

Seriously though, we won’t be free until the last person working in financial services is dangling from the guts of the last journalist.


STFU- how about one of you guys go out there and do some reporting, and see how fcked up it actually is, instead of sitting back sipping your latte posting bullsht articles in a starbux. I bet you’d be asking everybody for a gun, or the fighters would put one in your hands and say “stop shooting pictures, and start shooting bad guys!”


Please. “Shooting bad guys” isn’t his job. He’s a reporter, not a soldier. If he wants to fight, he can go join a military somewhere and stop writing stories for the Daily Fail… He’s grandstanding, not fighting. His gun isn’t aimed at the front lines, he’s standing there for a picture during hostilities.


I’m pretty sure it’s a crime of some kind to shell your enemy with tigers…


Kudos on a very level headed response to a drive-by rage post.


Fake. Whose phone battery is at 100% in a warzone?


It’s an easy answer, I think. The guy isn’t out there to shoot other people - he’s there to write a (incredibly slanted) story for his readers… the dude is obviously grandstanding so the readers can have an even closer vicarious thrill of shooting Musl… er, “bad guys.”


Hi Mark Nicol, welcome to Boing Boing!

You’ll find that no matter how fucked up things are, posing for a photo with a gun is a really bad way to ensure impartial reporting, which is kind of why reporters get a little more freedom from both sides on the battlefield. Embedded reporters are bad enough, here is photographic proof that he’s picking a side directly.

If I was one of the surrounding soldiers, an untrained person with a gun is the last person I want next to me in a trench.