Hollywood actor volunteering in Syria in danger


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So…i was looking at Boing Boing today, and my co-worker’s photo showed up as a mentally unstable british actor…not as a E-Commerce Account Manager. That’s weird.


Illegal war tourist recruitment agent uses public post on social media to contact a government for help in extracting a war tourist profiteer who isn’t even a citizen of the government in question.

The stupid burns.


To be fair, the NSA and GCHQ share information all the time, and the recruiter will know this. Shouldn’t it have been his job to turn away unsuitable candidates though?


Fuck it. I hate war. I also hate genocide, and I can’t blame people for putting their lives on the line to stop genocide. Joining an invading army: legal. Joining a defending militia: illegal.


In my opinion, anybody who is a war tourist like these guys (great term, @FunkDaddy, btw), has to be at least partially unstable.


Thank you, jsmith. Your co-worker also alerted us and we removed the photo immediately.


I could say the same about a lot of people who join the state approved armed forces.

I think Michael Enright sees himself as the next George Orwell or Ernest Hemingway and went to Rojava without understanding that being in a warzone is bad for your mental health.


Cheers, Thanks Mark!


Did you make fun of him? I’m just saying, I would make fun of him. It’s a pretty solid setup.


Screenshots were taken. Totally going to print out flyers randomly.


Be honest? Is he a mentally unstable E-Commerce Account Manager? Because I could see the confusion then.

Man I am really rooting for the Kurds. From everyone who I ever met who served in the area, they have it together better than anyone else in the Middle East.


I expect most of them mean the Peshmerga. The YPG/YPJ/PKK are former Marxist-Leninists who are transitioning towards a Murray Bookchin style libertarian-socialism, and are considered to be a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the USA, the EU and Iran (I don’t think that this is a good idea, from a western point of view they are undeniably far better than Da’esh and are arguably better than Assad, whatever you think of their politics).

There are people formerly from the US and UK Armed forces who are now fighting with the YPG though.


Yes but but but COMMUNISM!!!1!!!1!


Not mine but yeah it is a good one


Ah but reference your Imperialist handbook old chap. We can use this ism against that ism and then stomp out the former while they’re weakened from the efforts of doing the bidding of our ism.


Yeah! That’s never backfired on people trying to spread their empire into the middle east and central asia before!


This is some Tropic Thunder level crazy.


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