Daily Stormer may soon have to reveal who funds its hate-fueled bullshit


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I’m very interested in hearing the excuses and denials, particularly from famous people who might get caught, though probably it will be the same old “I was hacked” bullshit.


ooh, this could be GOOD. crossing fingers on this one.


If it’s a divisive, hate-filled right-wing American institution bent on tearing our society apart then there’s a good chance that at least some of its funding came in the form of rubles.


Follow the money.

Anyone up for setting up a pool/investor bingo?


Don’t do yourselves down, guys. I think America has plenty of divisive, hate-filled, right-wing bent on tearing our society apart of its own. There’s enough for everyone and to spare. The only thing the roubles might do was to lose these people their credibility. Russians aren’t stupid - they own your president, and you can’t prove it. If you find roubles, it may be because someone wants you to find roubles.


“Moonbase? Sounds legit to me! I’ll send them my money as soon as I’m done contributing to NuclearFusion Inc.”


Oh for sure. It just appears that Russia has been throwing a lot of gasoline on the fire lately.


Yeah just look at Betsy DeVos and her brother Erik Prince. Rich folks in the US are plenty scary by themselves without any attempt to turn them into SMERSH agents. The sad fact is everything we’re seeing with the right wing (mainstream to fringe) is mostly home grown and intergenerational. It’ll probably take decades before most of this crap peters out (that’s assuming concerted effort to do that).


Can’t decide if this will be more on “fun” or the “disturbing” side. Probably both, someone get the popcorn!!


“we may soon see who’s responsible for funding the bigoted neo-nazi bullshit machine”

Isn’t that redundant? Is there an open minded, non bigoted neo-nazi faction out there?


Or “Very fine people,” as some would say.


I did actually had my debt card skimmed and they donated $200 to Obama.
"Thanx Oboma!’

I would be pissed if it would have been some racist donation.




It’s a nazi in-joke. There’s a theory that they built a military base on the moon.


You mean Iron Sky wasn’t a documentary?


Same here. There’s bound to be at least one famous name amongst all the Nazis-next-door that this dump will reveal.

No doubt he had this legend in mind when he chose the company’s name:


Not to be confused with

(Gil Scott Heron’s ‘Whitey on the Moon’)