Dainty feminine portraits (with assorted weapons)


Brings to mind

That most feminine of weapons, the skillet? At least it wasn’t a rolling pin.

Skillets - who knew?

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Where are the pinafores? you promised pinafores!

I prefer the paintings that aren’t focused on the subject’s back–seems a bit repetitive. The hammer and frying pan pictures exploit a different perspective.

Nor would I call some of the women dainty

(The classic image of a pinafore is Alice’s from her adventures in wonderland. To protect her blue dress, Alice wears a white apron like garment that is more easily laundered. That’s a pinafore)

Given the repetition of theme and pose, I’m starting to wonder if this is less a feminine-power thing and more a very specific fetish.

I have a Lodge cast iron skillet. It actually looks a great deal like the one the woman in the picture is holding. At around five pounds, it has quite some heft to it and would regard anyone who can swing one with ease as rather formidable.


I’d rather defend myself with a cast iron skillet than brass knuckles, but the garden shears might be useful too. Skillets are heavy, so getting them going would be hard, but once it’s in motion it will do damage.

Quite so I think.

But very specific fetishes are the best kind of fetishes!

Fetish? Or fear?

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