Dainty, flower-trimmed bug spray dispenser (1953)


These spray cans are some of my favorite things in the Tin Tin comics. As a kid it was so immediately obvious how they worked and what they were used for, but it was also already an obsolete technology, so it was somehow exotic. I kinda want one.


I love the dog collar with a Swiss watch, which, “maker says, prompts wearer to bark to go out.”

Because standard Poodles are so fashion conscious. Like most dogs, however, they can tell time.

Is it somehow more deadly when used while in formal wear?

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“Take THAT you nasty little bug you!”

Also works great on fairies.

(Sure, call me a monster, but they bite!)

Well, if you absolutely have to kill somethin, do it with style.

in my mind they are related to the machine guns with round magazines (preferably engraved)

I love to go to homes so infested with bugs that the hostess has to fill the air with DDT while I’m enjoying a martini and snacking on a cheese ball.

They should’ve had one of these in Naked Lunch!

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