Dakota Johnson might be the template for Sue Storm in the MCU's Fantastic Four movie

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50 Shades Reed? :thinking: Honestly, though, I just hope the MCU does right by the first family; especially Aunt Petunia’s bashful, blue-eyed boy.


Fantastic Four movies have been done right in the past, of course—just not by Marvel


Jessica Alba was fine as Sue Storm, but according to Hollywood she’s ancient, right? And they want to replace her with a Dakota Johnson type?

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Well…no, not really, because Alba was already replaced by Kate Mara. In all seriousness, though, it just depends where the MCU FF film is going to begin. Is it going to be a FF origin story? If so, they probably will be going with actors younger than Jessica Alba and, by the way, John Krasinski. If they’re going to skip the origin and have them be several years into their existence as a superhero team, then I don’t think Alba would be wrong for the part at all. But since, according to this, they’re looking for someone in their early 30s, that tells me they’re doing an origin story, or maybe picking up right after their origin. And, with their prominence in Marvel, they’re probably wanting to cast people who can and are willing to play these parts for 10+ years. That’s one of the reasons I really don’t think Krasinski is going to be playing Reed Richards. Ultimately, though, I think with the reputation of the 3 previous FF movies being what it is, they want a complete break from those films.


I am hoping they skip the origin and go with the idea of an established team. The origin suffers from a bad case of “60’s pseudo-science bullshit”. and we’ve already had a couple of movies (of varying quality) that have done. the origin.


Okay, Sue is wonderful and certainly the most powerful member of the team. But the comic wouldn’t have lasted three issues without the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Idol o’ Millions, Ben Grimm.


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What are we on? The fourth iteration, now?


Topic title confused me, because I misremembered the name of the comic they adapted Luke Jacobson from for the Disney+ She-Hulk series.

Oh, a Madame Web movie? That might be nice.

The screenplay is written by Kerem Sanga (The Violent Heart), with the duo of Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (Morbius, Power Rangers, Gods of Egypt) also contributing.

Oh well.


I’m pretty sure I read Dakota North as it was released… Couldn’t tell you a thing about it, but middle-school me enjoyed it.

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we still don’t know how the current peter parker got his powers nor what happened to his ben - was may even married? is her name even maybelle? - so hey, there’s always hope

i do think an older cast would rock. i think the point that the franchise wants them around a bit is fair. so no older than samuel jackson i guess or the inevitable de-aging won’t fly

edit: seriously, at this point it’s all such a cg hell scape, they might as well just scan whomever they want and motion capture the acting with whomever they need whenever they need it. call it “live action” and be done


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If they also contribute to Fantastic Four, maybe they’ll lean more upon their Power Rangers experience, and it will turn out the Yancy Street gang was a sentai team. That’s what they shouted before all the poses.

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If the MCU does an origin story, it would be the third live action FF origin story, unless you want to count the Roger Corman movie which never got an official release, although I guess copies are floating around here and there. I have never seen it and have no interest in it. I don’t disagree with you, though. I think one of the best moves the MCU has made was skipping Spider-Man’s origin story. And, as @oldstevo pointed out, the FF’s comic book origin is a little dated. On the other hand, if they’re presented as an already existing team…then the MCU has the problem of “Where have they been this whole time?! Why didn’t they help us with Thanos? Or the time Loki opened a portal and let aliens invade NYC?” The Eternals had an easy out with that question. I don’t know how FF answers that. Feige isn’t an idiot, though. He’ll figure it out. I hope.


I think I mentioned this in an old thread talking about the Fantastic Four coming to the MCU, but anyway…

I think it would be great if they stuck to their original origin story. Sorta.

Have them going to space during the '60s, cosmic rays, blah, blah, superpowers, blah, blah, blah. But because they were using non-completely made up (but still really made up) non-FTL technology have them affected by relativistic time dilation.

So it’s been decades on Earth. But for them? Days? Weeks? Months? That explains why they weren’t around for the last 60 years, and gives them a new well of “fish out of water” stuff to play with that they lost when Cap went away. But with 60s stuff. Of course when Reed is shown an iPhone, he isn’t wonderstruck - he thinks for a moment, then explains how it probably works and wonders why anyone would use it when it’s so limited by its closed ecosystem. It also lets Ben stay kind of old fashioned and corny, which I like! Sue catching up on 60 years of feminism and seeing Reed in a new light as a result could be fun too. Johnny would, of course, still be played by Chris Evans and no one would ever comment on it.

I think it could work


Seriously, how exactly are these people still getting work…? I’m mildly curious about Gods of Egypt because apparently it was bad enough to finish off Alex Proyas, but these guys just kept on going?


X-Men comics got to do this by taking the original five members out of their past. In that case, they got a lot of drama out of learning what they might become, but they also supplemented it with newer characters and the Marvel universe being a bit more dangerous and weird by then.


That’s silly, you need at least five team members to control a Megazord.


She-Hulk has been a member of the FF, if Spaida-Man is not available.

Failing that, Power Rangers Turbo used a pre-teen, and Franklin Richards warps reality.


Sure but then it’s not a Fantastic Four movie anymore. You gotta leave somewhere to go in the sequel!