Danger! Danger!


Had to bring these ones over here.


Ah, confined spaces, what exciting training classes you bring us that have to be retaken every two years. Non-permit generally means there’s more than one point of egress. Conditions that could change the status to permit-required include the tunnel flooding, or some failure that makes complete shut-down/lock-out of electrical hazards impossible. Funny thing is, you don’t apply to any government agency for these permits. It’s a self-regulation scheme that OSHA allows. So, the organization that owns/controls the confined space generates a form that workers have to fill out prior to entering the space.

I have no comment on the escalator, that’s just kinda funny.




I never got to see one as a kid, and my kids will probably hate them.

Or worse – I’ll be left feeling betrayingly disappointed whilst my kids love them, setting up the classic kids vs. parents battle for a visit.


We’re probably better off never leaving the house…


Attempted knee strikes against opponents in dragon stance. You’ll get walloped.




not pictured: basket full of stones directly below camera :imp:



Dead deer are falling
Spotted cats stock their larder
Red rain marks the spot

:cherry_blossom: Haiku :fallen_leaf:

:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:


Not sure what sort of cavity he is probing…


I guess that it is at the bottom of some cenote-like water hole in Texas – warning about the dangers of underwater caves.

:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

Well now I need to see what’s in there for myself.


I noticed those when I was in Paris and wondered if they’d copied the style from the Tokyo metro


Passed this today:

<img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/boingboing/original/3X/e/9/e9d022b25708ecd663af3efc36b76c7947c20d56.jpg" width=“375” height=“500”



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