Dangerous Minds talks to David Yow about ‘The Jesus Lizard Book’


Back in the day, around 1989 or so, I was talking with friends about going to the Jesus Lizard show in Providence, RI, and also about the ridiculousness of punk rock uniforms. So, at some point I said, “Fuck, I’ll go to see the Lizard in a coat and tie!” Another friend of mine said, “Hell, if you go in a coat and tie, I’ll pay for your ticket!” So, of course, with a free ticket on the table, that was a done deal. Apropos of a Jesus Lizard show, I got very very drunk and lost most of my clothing. At one point, doing some crowd-surfing, I got tossed up on the stage and wound up at the feet of Mr. Yow. I had just time enough to observe “Hey, thatsh mah tie you have wrapped around yer head” before he pushed me off the stage and back into the arms of the crowd with his foot.


seeing the Jesus Lizard at the Library in Knoxville round about '97 was one of the most intense shows I’ve ever seen. I shot Hi8 video of the whole thing, even taking the camera into the pit at one point, but I don’t have a camera to watch/transfer to digital anymore or else I’d share it here.

after the show, I couldn’t find my roommate anywhere. turns out he was up the street at Fort Sanders Hospital getting stitches. later, reviewing the tape, we saw the fist connect with his jaw. quite the souvenir. (but really it was just a case of a jerk with a personal vendetta using the anonymity of the pit to punch him. the pit was actually fun and positive other than that)

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