The Jesus Lizard Book – The story of the ’90s influential and iconic indie-rock band


My most vivid memory of The Jesus Lizard took place at The Euclid Tavern in Cleveland in 1991. During their set, David Yow hocked an enormous loogie that stuck to the ceiling and slowly started to stretch downward over the crowd. Kids underneath it kept rocking along to the show, but would occasionally make a nervous glance overhead to make sure they weren’t about to get slimed. After a couple minutes it finally dripped from the ceiling into the crowd. They were a great band to see live. Full of raw energy.

You don’t need to be a fan of The Jesus Lizard…

But you really should be.

This is really a good book. I think a few editions came signed, with a seven inch single.

BTW, Maureen’s old band, ‘Babes In Toyland’, was great! I’d love to see a book about that band.

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Isn’t the title simply “Book,” in the same vein as their albums? The Jesus Lizard are the authors. You wouldn’t call an album “The Jesus Lizard Liar.”

I remember them from when I was living in Austin, probably still have one of the Kozik flyers for one of their shows.

If you aren’t, there’s something missing from you. I saw them at Reading in '94, but my favourite memory is from the Boardwalk in Manchester ( Stanford Prison Experiment supported ). Yow was hammered, and gradually removed his clothing during the set. Sims was kicking at anyone who got too close to the platform with a dangerous-looking pair of steel-tipped shitkicker cowboy boots, and Duane Denison, when confronted with the flowing ginger locks of an overenthusiastic student caught in his strings, yanked the guitar neck back hard, removing a large patch of the idiot’s hair with it. Happy days.

First time I saw them, the crowd had a half-naked Yow pinned to the ceiling of Lounge Ax.

It was love at first sight.

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