Songs for Unusual Creatures: The Jesus Christ Lizard!


Been done.

Awesome - reminded me of this one, with which I have educated my kids in pre-history:

My post was silently dropped? Not cool guys. What policy did I violate this time?

It was flagged by another user and I agree it didn’t make much sense. “Been done” and then a wikipedia article?

As for what policy did you violate this time: I looked back over your post history and can see no past record of any of your posts in the system being deleted.

As for silently, not every post that gets moderated is going to have an explanation given.

Thanks for responding. It would be nice to at least get a warning. Was modded by Antionus during Disqus days, not since bbs.

I thought a link to a band of the same name as the song being discussed would have been amusing, but I guess not.

I was shocked not to see a Jesus Lizard link here. You have my unconditional support.

That explanation makes much more sense. While I understand why it was flagged, I can see why it was posted. Sorted.

Jesus Christ, it’s a lizard. Get in the car!

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