Watch pink legless lizards, mysterious dongs of the desert


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"They have strong and paddle-like forelegs"
Um, not exactly “legless” then, are they?

Also, if you regularly see “dongs” with eyes, You’ve been reading too much Philip K…


My next band will now be called: Dongs of the Desert


When do they stop being “paddle-like forelegs” and become paddles?

The dugongs would like to know.


And it seems to drawn to holes.


What kind of music will you play?


I hadn’t thought that far. :slight_smile:
How about a 12 person didgeridoos ensemble?


That works, if you’re covering only punk and metal songs.


That goes without saying.

And a quick search shows it’s been done.


You could probably get Josh Homme to join, or is that too on the err… nose?


I actually didn’t know much about the guy but after a quick skim of his Wiki my pretend band is going to pass on that bro.



when my north american wife moved to australia, she thought that the term “legless lizard” was fake, just some understated australian euphism for even more snakes.



Shai Hulud is much less impressive than we were led to believe…




Nope nope nope.


There are legless lizards in (parts of) America too.

Here in the UK, the most common reptile is a legless lizard.


Heh, we have that here as well, especially in the woods. Rather small though. “Blindschleiche”