Watch Wet Leg perform on the Tiny Desk Concert

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There’s no link…

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Just dragged this from my browser history Wet Leg: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert : NPR


This is great. Also I was today years old when I realized I had been lounging on a Chaise Longue, not lounging on a Chaise Lounge.


They make me squeee with excitement, they’re so good :smiley:
They popped up at random on my playlist recently, and I instantly fell in love.
Can’t wait to hear more from them, and it’s great to see that they’re so fantastically tight live too!


Really do dig them. Very 80’s/90’s alt-rock vibe. Definitely will have to add them to my streaming stations.


Someone pointed me to the excellent video for Chaise Longue just yesterday:


Kind of reminds me of Stereolab

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I do love that a band can get so big with just their first (and only) song. They played a few festivals over the summer, and by all accounts whatever small tents they were put in were completely rammed, with people practically bursting through the sides.
Just goes to show how random fame can be, they’ve all been making music individually for years and decided to form a band because touring as a solo act was lonely. They wrote a couple of songs to amuse each other, and then suddenly they’re on the BBC.

In a similar vein of what I’d term ‘dead-pan vocals’, there’s Dry Cleaning:


Her voice & delivery remind me of Courtney Barnett

I love these mighty oaks, don’t you?

Very nice thanks for sharing

Agreed to all the above plaudits - they rock. The Isle of Wight is a wonderful, timewarped place - I went for a long weekend in September to see another local band. First time in 17 years, Ventnor (where the above Tiny Desk was filmed) has an amazing microclimate, palm trees are surprisingly common there. And it has been producing some truly talented musicians.

Wet Leg are great, Coach Party (who I’ll see supporting We Are Scientists next week) also good, and I’ve seen these guys 3 times in the last couple of months:

Seriously, take a listen to the first album ‘Suddenly Everyone Explodes’. It’s sublime. Second album on the way soon.

(apropos of nothing; my AirBnB on the trip:

An 1868 villa perched just above the Ventnor Botanical Gardens)

Still trying to put my finger on what it is about their writing and composition. That’s going to stick around like something in the very back of my teeth until I find a way to express it.

At the least, I couldn’t say what’s compelling about it, but it’ll definitely be taking a few extra brain cycles over the next week, so they’re not something easily ignored.

Tickets to see Wet Leg near me just went on sale yesterday and I snapped up a couple right away – reading that, I’m glad I did.

I also have tickets to see Dry Cleaning next month. I hope Omicron doesn’t screw that up.

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