Don't Lick My Toes: raunchy, hilarious cabaret


Hi Cory! I love that you linked to the Wet Spots, who are great and also personal friends of mine. But that video is not a video of them performing. Since their patter, acting, and presentation are such a wonderful part of their work, I think that it would be great to link to an actual performance of theirs: here’s the least graphic of the songs posted to their YouTube channel, Texas Annie. They don’t have a video of “Toes” up, sadly, but you can hear Cass singing it here.

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Perhaps that was amusing. The audience certainly sounded like they were amused. But they could probably actually hear what was going on, unlike me, who confounded by the crappy recording and couldn’t understand %85 of the lyincs. Oh well, I guess I’ll imagine I was amused. Singing wasn’t bad.

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Thank you rsregan for posting the link to the song where I can understand the actual words. Well, most of them, anyway.

Thank you Rojo for the post about being unable to understand 85% of the text. I was getting worried that there is something wrong with my understanding. You see, English is not my mother language - just like is not for quite a lot if BoingBoing followers, I think.

This brings to mind a more raunchy cabaret performance by Mister Joe Black about parts to avoid when making love.

Hi there, It’s John from The Wet Spots. Thanks so much for the link! We’re big Boing Boing fans. There IS actually a live video of us performing “Don’t Lick My Toes” at the Sydney Opera House. This is it:


Yay, Wet Spots! I’ve enjoyed including their “Do You Take It?” in mixtapes ever since I first heard it, in Made In Secret: The Story of the East Van Porn Collective, one of my favorite movies ever–a fascinating treatise on the dynamics of seeking consensus amongst a group, highly recommended for anyone with an interest in radical politics–albeit elsewhere described as “possibly the most boring movie ever made with the word ‘porn’ in the title”.

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this was a little hit they had

It may be more explicit, but I didn’t smile much during that video, unlike watching anything by The Wet Spots :frowning:

Here in the Minneapolis/St Paul area we have Courtney McLean & the Dirty Curls. Do yourself a favor and check out their songs. Pleasantly NSFW.

Is there really a law against dildos in Texas?

Another satire/reality blur.

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