Watch the 2 Live Crew perform in front of a befuddled and disgruntled audience at the Phil Donahue Show in 1990

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Me loved that clip long time


In my very redneck trump loving county there is an offshore boat race festival every year. They usually bring in some national acts.

A few years ago I looked at the line up and saw Eddie Money, Night Ranger, Mitch Ryder, and…

Oh my gosh, The Tubes. The Tubes? In this town? Did they not listen to or watch the entire promo reel?

We’ve seen The Tubes before, this town had not.

They opened the show with Quay Lewd in full get up with 10" sparkly heels singing White Punks On Dope. You could have heard a pin drop. I was laughing my behind off because I’m sure the event organizers and city council were freaking out. I did hear someone say, this guy is stoned.

We were in the front row, it was an awesome show.

This is recent, about the same time we saw them in town.

Here’s some great quality video from back in the day.


I think something was awakened in this woman on that day…



2 Live Crew was always one of the shittiest bands to ever make it to radio play. Man, those guys sucked.

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So back in the 80s, there were rumblings of 2 Live Crew. They were these mythical rappers who cussed a lot. I didn’t have access to anything that wasn’t on the radio, but I did have music “class”. Which, in hind sight, probably was not a very good “music class”, but did consist of playing a lot of record singles songs. Mostly pop rock hits like Eye of the Tiger or Bad, or fun parodies like Weird Al. I still have, somewhere, the novelty single from Dragnet that I convinced her to give me as I was moving. (I think these records were given away as prizes at the school carnival to cycle them out.)

Anyway - if it was your birthday, you could play 3 songs. And you could, bring your own record or tape from home. I can not for the life of me remember this kids name, I think it was Jeremy, but he was one of those trouble maker kids. I imagined he had older brothers, because he had stashes of Ninja magazines, and rumored to have access to Playboys. Then it happened in 6th grade, it was Brandon Fowler’s birthday, and Jeremy gave him this tape to play. Both kids were acting giggly and squirrely, as well as a couple people in on it.

They pop in this tape, hit play, wait a few seconds for the spool to wind up the blank space, and then it opens with the kick drum beat and 2 Live Crew yelling, “Heeeeyyyy we want some puuusssaaay! Say heeeeeeyyyyy we want some puuuusssaaay!”

Half the class bust up laughing, the other half is just gobsmacked, mouths agape. The teacher stares daggers and says, “Do you think that’s appropriate?” before the tape was shut off. I don’t recall specifics on what happened next - pretty sure they were shuffled out into the hall before going to the principles office.

Anyway - that is my 2 Live Crew story.


So… this is a clip of something that happened on TV? Why are we being forced to watch it in the worst possible format? It’s blurry. It has a bunch of crap around the sides. It’s vertical and I couldn’t see much even if it was not blurred out. why!?!
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I still remember covertly playing this tape in the “boom box” at the Junior High field trip to an actual field ( think it was an end of the year picnic/party for the parochial school I went to). I do not know how I did not get into any trouble. I have to assume the teachers just couldn’t understand the words or were actively not listening.

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“Everything used to be square, and that was cool! Now its square to be square, and everything is a rectangle. But some rectangles are square, because its cool to be vertical. So you have to watch your square square show on a cool rectangle, and not a square rectangle.”


I recall getting in trouble for bringing Ozzy Osbourne to play during music class at the Catholic school and then a year or two later at some fair/fundraiser the school held winning a copy of Billy Idol’s White Wedding. Mixed messages all around.

That music class was torture… we were forced to sing things like “Country Roads” and “Mickey”. In retrospect I should be glad they let us listen to or sing any sort of secular music at all. I guess that’s the sort of liberalism that seeps in when they stopped using nuns as teachers.


OH man, Country Roads was a staple in my house when I was little. My parents were John Denver fans, and honestly, I have a soft spot for him. Great artist.

Mickey was an infections one hit wonder, but I liked it back in the day. That was definitely on rotation in music class.

I remember on “boring” days we passed out a book to follow through, but, like I don’t even remember what the lessons for that was. But I also remember getting passed out music sheets for holiday themed songs. I remember many Christmas ones and some fun Halloween ones.

The same teacher did used to come into the Kindergarten Class where we did sing and do games to music, and that was great.

It’s just in hindsight, I felt like music class gave me exposure to pop music, singing some carols, but not like keeping a beat or even playing the recorder (Which I guess is probably a blessing).


Like them or not, 2LC stood up for actual freedom of speech and eventually won.


That is so funny! I never saw that episode of Donahue, but seeing it now make me so happy.


It’s funny how Country Roads has made a resurgence in recent years partly in thanks to it becoming a meme after the Fallout 76 debacle. It’s in fairly common rotation among streamers doing karaoke, thanks both to the aforementioned meme as well as a popular Japanese cover of the song.

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Meh. Dee Snider did it better. I dislike his music too, but it isn’t garbage like RunDMC… Dee Snider's PMRC Senate Hearing Speech (Full) - YouTube

Once again:



Stevie Winwood fan, huh?

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2 Live Crew and Eazy-E were in constant rotation on the boombox in the kitchen of the yuppie-catering fancy restaurant I washed dishes at back then. Memories.


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