Meet the band that kicked U2's leather clad ass


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Irish people. :grinning: :four_leaf_clover: (U2 can piss off)


The Gloaming don’t fuck around.

Roger That!


A sixteen minute song is a good thing? Like… Jethro Tull or something?


It takes a certain unlovable type of music fan to appreciate songs that long.

You can always spot them by the Rush or Dream Theater t-shirts they wear.


Oh I had my Emerson Lake & Palmer phase, around eighth grade.


If it’s got Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill involved, then hell yes!


Yeah, for me it was Dream Theater in college and a bit after. And of course all the similar/associated acts like Symphony X, Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic, LTE, etc., along with a smattering of Scandinavian shred metal acts.


What’s wrong with Tull?


Not sure if the “wall of beautiful noise” part really applies.
I’d probably look to other Irish bands to fit that description.



Yeah, but, no Gaelic “song” is that long. They’re medleys. Sort of modular. You drag and drop as you like. It’s not like Sister Ray.


His turnip drill is hard to get around corners, and has been superseded by more modern agricultural equipment like sowing machines and such.

OK, sorry, sorry, I’ll see myself out. Sorry!


I hate it when people do that with Tull.



Not enough flutes :wink:


From the headline I was hoping this was about Negativland…


Ummm, you do realise that a solo can be something other than some clown on an electric guitar, right? That clip had a metric shit-tonne of solos.

…you were right about it being a damned nice listen, though.


Very nice. Thanks for making me aware of the group.


I enjoyed it immensely ! I had the singular pleasure a few years ago to tour Ireland and ended up in a little town called Ballintoy on the north coast. In the local pub, a gentleman and small band played for several hours, singing for their supper. The Guinness and the Sheppard’s pie were top notch. The bar kept the singer’s whiskey full, and he reminded us “…I need the whiskey fer da ice - fer my troat”. One of my most unforgettable evenings.


People who gripe about long songs should be barred from listening to Fela Kuti. Harsh, but fair.

Meanwhile, I’ll take my massive stack of albums by the Necks (Australian Jazz!) and enjoy them.

[Hours go by…] That was fun. Let’s listen to three more.


But is their newest album automatically included with the newest version of iTunes?