Daniel Radcliffe on ending up relatively OK, unlike many child stars

Emma Watson is the Anti Rowling and I fluv her.


Yeah Elijah Wood was in a similar spot, at similar ages. Then again in his 20s with LOTR. And he seems pretty put together, despite moving to Hollywood.

Can’t really be sure, but you tend not to hear “mom sold his left kidney for a Ferrari, Dad left for Thailand with his bank account” type stories with that guy. And he credits his mom with not selling him out, being genuinely supportive of him, and suspicious of the industry.

I think it’s kind of telling that they both hit somewhat similar career paths. If from different directions.

I am still hoping some one has them do something opposite each other where one is the villain though.


Call it Eyes Wide Open. Or Face Off But Only A Little Bit.

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Which one is evil is the big bar room question.

I vote Radcliffe.

But Wood has more bad guy experience.


Depends who looks better in a goatee obviously…


I recall something years back from Danny Bonaduce – who had a lot of bad shit happen to him – that he would talk to groups of would-be kid-actor parents to try to explain how bad it really was and never did any of the parents ask any follow ups about how to avoid it or anything of the sort.


That’s so sad :frowning:
I’ve never known anyone personally in the business, but I liked the portrayal of child-actors’ on-set lives in the tv series “Love.” One of the leads is an on-set tutor, so you see the kind of day-to-day stuff, how they have to get their “school hours” in, how lonely they mostly seem. It seemed pretty genuine.


never actually went to Hollywood and so was never subjected to its revolting pseudo-liberal predator-infested culture

And the BBC was all like, hold my pint of lager: BBC sexual abuse cases - Wikipedia


Slightly off topic, but that episode and the Patrick Stewart one were my favorites. Most of the episodes were fantastic, but something about their enthusiasm made the episodes special. (The Kate Winslet episode is also very good.)


The Daniel Radcliffe episode also benefits from having the divine Diana Rigg in it. Such a good episode. Extras is really the only thing that makes me think there might be a salvagble human being buried somewhere in Ricky Gervais.

Curse you for putting an image of Rowling’s taint into my brain.

Use your powers for good rather than evil!


Having grown up in So. Cal, and having known a couple of child actors, I can tell you that to a T, every single set of parents starts to see their offspring as a paycheck/investment rather than their child.

Really sad actually.

But when a kid is capable of bringing in a multi six figure a year income, and a parent can legally pay themselves a percentage (not to mention that a house can be bought because the kid’s got to live somewhere eh?) etc… Refusing that “easy money” must get pretty hard.


And when you are Britney Spears dad, the gravy train doesn’t end when the kid is a legal adult. With the kind under an almost impossible to get out of conservatorship you can pay yourself more than you pay the kid under the guise that you are protecting them. Glad he finally stepped down, but only after 13 years :frowning:


Yeah this. With every photo looking the same they were basically worthless because any one could have been from any day. He knew this and was using this strategy to troll them and be left alone.


That’s probably more an effect of being British. Everyone on that show did the same, including creator and star Ricky Gervais, who had David Bowie sing him a song called Chubby Little Loser.


I imagine a casting director and a literary agent are not short of a bob or two to begin with.

Yes, but why would someone who was already making millions from a hugely popular movie franchise even bother to appear on a relatively obscure show like that one (which I doubt payed especially well) if not as a fun diversion?

Right. Look at the shit he’s done since Potter. Well regarded theater for a bit. Then very small movies, oddball genre flicks, and the occasional appearance like this.

Or again with the Elijah Wood. Dude’s main occupation right now is a pod cast about horror movies with the guy who wrote Mandy. And it is not an arty informational pod cast. It’s a deeply geeky enthusiast thing.

They both have fuck you money. They could never work again and residuals and merch fees would give them a livable income. So Radcliffe can be the fart raft whenever he wants, and Wood can gore hound out on the internet.


Well that’s it, isn’t it? They’re on the Ricky show, which is cool. Never mind Daniel, he got Kate Winslet, Sam L Jackson and David fucking Bowie.

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