Dark mornings: tool to help you calculate gloomy commutes



I work from home mostly, but if I do go into the office my commute heads into the sun - both directions! And at this time of year, it essentially rises and sets dead center above the highway, causing massive sun glare delays. In a couple months it’ll be off to the side, but right now it’s terrible. I’ve petitioned my state senators to do something about the matter but so far nothing.


Getting used to living at the 42nd parallel! This is a sweet little ap and makes me smile. I know totally understand the prehistoric parties that were held this time of year!


Pedantry: you don’t capitalize seasons.

Tell that to the pumpkin spice marketers…oh wait, I misread that, nevermind.


My part time schedule solves this problem nicely. Also, I recommend working one mile to the west of your house.


Excited to see my Dark Mornings site get a mention on BoingBoing! I wrote it last Christmas (more fun than playing Trivial Pursuit with the in-laws :wink: ). Might need to add a few new features to it this holiday season too…


The problem is made much worse by having to stare into the headlights of those unwilling to transport themselves like civilized human beings.

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My father made the observation about attending to the direction of his daily commute many decades ago, and I have always remembered it.

Of course, remembering it and making housing decisions on that basis are two very different things…

“Dark Mornings” sounds like the title of a Hearts of Space episode.

Anyway, this tool claims that my trip home is always in the dark, which is patently untrue. Even this time of year, twilight is just beginning when I get home.

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Dang near all early winter and late winter commutes in SE MI are dark and gloomy thanks to the differential in temperature between the surface of Lake Michigan and the atmosphere. If we continue to have slightly above normal temperatures for the rest of the winter, I don’t expect I’ll have a naturally lit commute until sometime in March.

Did you set you afternoon in 24 hour time or 12 hour? b/c that happened to me, and I realized I was saying that I come home at 4:30am…

That’d be a bit damp for me.

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You need a car like this!


I’ve seen em!

The office would need to float too though.

Also, I used to work in a building with no windows. Forget gloomy commutes, I went months without seeing daylight at all during the week.


Melbourne bike commuter here. I love the dark. Its easier to see and be seen with lights, and people seem to take more care. I can’t wait for winter to return.


Hmm, if you want to help out could you copy-paste me the URL of the page that shows your Dark Mornings results. I’ll do some troubleshooting… Thanks! :+1:

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