Darth Vader denied political freedom in Ukraine




Wait, didn’t he spend a good chunk of “Episode II” wooing Padme with painfully stilted dialogue about how voting was for losers? (Note to would-be-smooth-talkers in the real universe: this is not the most effective way to hit on senators. Just stick to the subject about how much you hate sand.)


Has no one in the Ukraine seen episode VI? He’ll die if he removes his helmet.

Edit: Oops. Probably should have done a spoiler alert for anyone that hasn’t seen it.


They wanted him to remove his helmet to be identified? How many Ukranian Darth Vaders are there?


The borscht was not with him.


I find her lack of faith disturbing.


his campaign ad is pretty remarkable:



You don’t need to see his identification.


Once again, voter identification being used as an excuse to disenfranchise.


This is not the voter that you’re looking for.


Apology accepted, pollworker Nadia.


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