Darwin Award nominees: idiots with chainsaws

I have some trees on my property line that need to come down as they were planted too close together and they are dying. Thanks for posting this, i will recall these videos when i decide if i will take them down myself or not.


YIKES! Even I know not to lead with the toe!

A Saws-all would be the tool for that job.


Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the master of tool use…

How does modern man survive being human? Dumb luck fucks.

Us too, a massive oak that was around 250 years old – around since before the US Revolution. I counted the tree rings (took pictures then used paint shop pro). The company that did it was extremely professional and did a fabulous job. But it was so sad to see it go.

To see guys using chainsaws in such unsafe ways is just hard to believe.


I couldn’t even finish one whole video. Not because of the content, but because every cameraperson belongs in Reddit’s r/killthecameraman


What made it sort of okay for me, was that the tree was pretty much dead; they kept asking “The tree leafed out last year?”, in a surprised tone. It probably dated from shortly after the house was built.


BoingBoing at 6:29

Definitely. Not only it’s way safer, but also with a proper blade it can easily cut through any embedded nails.
Yesterday I had to cut through 25x200 mm cross section billet (aircraft grade aluminum alloy) and it was easier than I thought it would be.
I don’t know why, but in Poland that kind of saw is frequently called “fox tail” (“lisi ogon”) :slight_smile:

Ours too. Leaves brown and dried. A friend noticed before we did!

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We have a lot of trees to take down. Mostly weedy, rod-straight spruces and firs that grow skinny and tall. Most are quite easy and safe to fell with a wee 16" chainsaw. We call a pro to deal with anything too close to buildings or power lines, or anything too big for me, but that leaves a lot.

My problem is that my confidence grows as I take down more of them and start to fell trickier and trickier ones. I really should leave this one for the pros… nah, I got this.

I guess that’s one good thing about winter. A few months to step back, reset my evaluation of the risk and become appropriately cautious again. There’s a certain tree I’ve been eyeing. I know I should leave it for a pro. And yet I also look at it and think oh come on, it isn’t that bad…

Hoping that 4-5 months to ponder my stupidity will keep me away from that tree come spring.


While the fails are mostly amusing (and scary as hell), the videos of the channel owner at work are masterclasses in how to do it properly and safely - particularly liked this one:

Very neat job on a very big tree!


In Oz, it’s a reciprocating saw.

I had no idea what the fuck a “sawzall” was when I first encountered the term.


Like Jell-O, Kleenex, or Sharpie, we just can’t help helping market certain brands in the US, I guess.


Same here (Germany) - Fuchsschwanz.

Tool names…
In Austria an adjustable (open end) spanner is a Franzose while in Germany it’s an Engländer.
I could see compiling a comparative dictionary as a hobby for my pensioner days.


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