Dash cam footage of lava consuming a Ford Mustang


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Mustang couldn’t outrun lava apparently.

Definitely the V6 model.


And here I thought street parking was rough in NYC!


Lava 1
Mustang 0

I’ve always hated Mustangs.


Worst Cars and Coffee ever.


Is that an R2D2 mailbox the Mustang is parked behind?


That’s really the best possible outcome for a Mustang owner.


If we’re truly fortunate it’s one of those new 4-cylinder abominations. If it ain’t a V8 5.0 it’s not a Mustang.


New, eh? I was under the impression that they have a long history (70’s?) playing around with 4 cylinder turbo mustangs. A friend of mine had a '91, which was shockingly dull for a turbo car.


It’s the same eco boost they dropped in a couple of trucks. It’s a “turbo”, but just 300 hp in a Mustang? Come on. My Accord V6 has that. Every time I see the 4 cylinder “Mustang” I spit.


That’ll buff out.


I hope the tourist paid for the full insurance package on that car.
Srsly, it might have belonged to someone who was caught in the mandatory evacuation notice when lava-spewing fissures started opening faster than plumeria buds. They weren’t allowed to go back for it, mainly because that whole area is full of clouds of poisonous gases now in addition to red-hot lava, and Madame Pele acquires a new convertible.




So I guess the rubber in those tires really has been vulcanized.





I don’t wish any harm or bad will towards these folks but… that was pretty cool to watch!


I don’t suppose they could have warned the owner to move his car? I guess that’s a lot harder to monetize on youtube.


You better give me the insurance, because I am gonna beat the hell out of this car…


Yep, the big island just keeps getting bigger.

Oahu and Molokai ain’t never gonna catch up at this rate.

And yet somehow I bet they’re not jealous.