David Bowie's hair sold for $18,750

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I like to imagine that David Bowie’s hair continues to spontaneously change in appearance even after being separated from the host organism.


What a coincidence, I happen to have a lock of Bowie’s hair right here. Several, in fact! E-bay here we come!


Can we clone him?


I’ve seen this movie. Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, I think it was called. I remember finding it disturbing, especially the torture bits, and how I decided not to think much about it afterwards.

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Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence is a very good film; Bowie was a talented actor when he wanted to be.

But, yeah, it’s not pleasant. It is about a Japanese POW camp, after all.


Does it include any of the follicles? That’ll have a big impact on how easy it will be to make miniature ziggy clones


Great movie. But yeah, the subject matter was pretty grim. I saw this in the theater as a kid because I was a Bowie fan. This movie also turned me on to the genius of Ryuichi Sakamoto who not only starred in the film but also provided the amazing soundtrack.

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Coming soon to Donald Trump’s wig…

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