David Bowie's hair sold for $18,750


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I like to imagine that David Bowie’s hair continues to spontaneously change in appearance even after being separated from the host organism.


What a coincidence, I happen to have a lock of Bowie’s hair right here. Several, in fact! E-bay here we come!


Can we clone him?


I’ve seen this movie. Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, I think it was called. I remember finding it disturbing, especially the torture bits, and how I decided not to think much about it afterwards.


Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence is a very good film; Bowie was a talented actor when he wanted to be.

But, yeah, it’s not pleasant. It is about a Japanese POW camp, after all.


Does it include any of the follicles? That’ll have a big impact on how easy it will be to make miniature ziggy clones


Great movie. But yeah, the subject matter was pretty grim. I saw this in the theater as a kid because I was a Bowie fan. This movie also turned me on to the genius of Ryuichi Sakamoto who not only starred in the film but also provided the amazing soundtrack.


Coming soon to Donald Trump’s wig…


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