50 years of David Bowie's hairstyles



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If he wasn’t so damn talented we could make fun of his hair - that’s a lot of styles!


Talk about turning to face the strange.


I was running at the speed of life

From morning’s thoughts and fantasies

Then I saw your eyes at the cross fades


If you randomly stop the image…you can play Bowie Roulette for your next haircut.


How do you do that? I swear there’s a picture of Isaac Newton in there.




You can drag the image.


On Mac, you can open a saved copy in preview. It builds a group of every frame.

I think you can do similar in GIMP… IIRC


sigh It all seems so boring lately, Frankie. I need to shake things up. Do something different.

So just a trim, then?

Yes! Thanks, Frankie. You always know just the ticket.


We only had five years. Those ended a long time ago.

Sons of the silent age, pace their rooms like a cell’s dimension…


Five years? My brain hurts a lot.
And the cover of “Heroes” looks similar to “Broken English”.


Fashion! Turn to the left
Fashion! Turn to the right
Oooh, fashion!
We are the goon squad
and we’re coming to town


What a tune. Fripp noise on funk rhythm section. 20 years left in the century, but in 1980 we sealed off the stump and waved goodbye…


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