David Bowies New nightmare: Blackstar

YouTube: David Bowies New nightmare: Blackstar
“Blackstar” off David Bowie’s upcoming album Blackstar out 8 January 2016 Appears to show us what happened to Maj. Tom among other bits of strangeness.

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here, let me embed that for you

i like it as a soundtrack to the images in the video, but it’s nothing I’d listen to otherwise. ah well, it’s not bad. it makes sense this is the music he’d make at this point. reminds me of how i feel about Bjork.


An object lesson in why to avoid parallel fourths. Is he trying to be Thom Yorke? Because there’s already enough Thom Yorkes.

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Well that escalated quickly…


Well, I totally missed this earlier.

And actually haven’t watched the video until today.

I think it’s an amazing song and video, and the symbolism takes on extra weight after his death.

But I loved this one the minute I first heard it. One last epic masterpiece.

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I know its not from Blackstar but this is the only extant Bowie thread and… I was listening to it and… :cry:

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