David Cameron appoints a Witchfinder General for copyright


I would post a clip from the ‘Witchsmeller Pursuivant’ Blackadder episode; but I’m afraid that Mr. Weatherly might catch me…


It would be so great if we could stop using the word piracy. Pirates steal property from people they have murdered. Copying a song by digital means, rather than analog, does not rise to the same standard of villainy.

Add to that the vast number of cases of “piracy” that are actually fair use, or mistaken identity, or copyright trolling. I would be willing to bet the majority of people we are calling “pirates” are guilty of no crime at all.


The one thing that gives me mixed feelings about this proposal is that content industry hatchetflacks have, in public, complained about how the term ‘pirate’ unfairly romanticizes copyright infringement.

The fact that it makes them sad suggests to me that it might be a good idea.


Boo frekin hoo. It was their idea to slander their own customers. Now they have a sad?

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Indeed they do. And I like it.


I kind of like how ambit these arseholes are; surely sooner or later, online culture and filesharing etc will be so mainstream that they’ll have alienated a majority in their sordid grasping for continued relevance as their natural extinction draws ever closer… their machinations will become ever more blatant, while the number of people inclined to notice grows.

May it be a worthy denouement.

I believe that witchfinders general have a tendency to end up on the rack themselves. Sometimes even under swinging pendula or inside iron maidens. At least in many of the films they’re so protective about.

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Well, of course this is MUCH more important than tracking down murderers, burglars, rapists and other seemingly unimportant felons. Easily well worth the money spent on this aspect of serious crime-fighting. I feel much safer in my bed now.

You’re thinking of years ago. Now they get caught doing what they’re supposed to catch people doing, but never seem to run into anything like the penalties they inflict on others.

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Hasn’t it been axiomatic in policing for years now that any failure on the authorities’ part is a sign that they need additional powers to protect us from the Something Menace?

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