David Dao's injuries: concussion, two front teeth knocked out, broken nose


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concussion, two front teeth knocked out, broken nose

That’s beat down, no doubt about it. To a 69 year old senior citizen no less.


UAL stock still on a downward spiral:

United Continental Holdings Inc
NYSE: UAL - Apr 13, 7:58 PM EDT
69.07USDPrice decrease0.86 (1.23%)
After-hours: 68.98Price decrease0.13%

(Note: NYSE Closed today for Good Friday)


So he gets to sue United, the Chicago airport police, and all the media channels that described him as a sex-crazed drug addict. If he gets even half the money he deserves, he’s going to be able to start his own hospital.

Aggravating factors influencing the size of the settlement should surely include the fact that both United (“he was disruptive and belligerent”) and the cops (“he fell”) blatantly and publicly lied in an attempt to distort the facts of the case. From the description of the injuries, I will not be surprised if it turns out that the cop slammed his face into the back of the seat in front of him – I very much doubt he could have suffered those precise injuries by “falling” in the confined space of an economy class seat row.


Looks like United is going to be gone again.


“He fell on a knife… seventeen times. Yeah, that’s the ticket”


I doubt anyone at United had anything to do with it. Seems like the internet being the internet with inseminating incorrect info. And the media being the media trying to paint the guy in certain light for views.


Thank the maker for camera phones.


The appropriate amount to sue for is the personal fortune of Oscar Munoz and the entirety of the pension fund for the Airport Police.


First reference to the “yeah, but he’s a drug and sex fiend” thing seemed to be from a journalist doing a “background” story. I saw another journalist on Twitter slamming her for digging for dirt, not story.


I love how if he’s a “drug and sex fiend” it’s totally cool for United airlines and their hired goons to just smash the guy’s face in.


NYSE Closed for Good, Friday

I got excited there for a moment


Fixed it!



Hellz yes! I want to sue them too for the mental anguish of having to watch the horror unfold.

Class Action for the World!


The story gets worse and worse and new facts come out:

  • The flight apparently wasn’t overbooked
  • Two people previous to him were asked to leave and didn’t, and nothing was done to him
  • The airline falsely claimed that he was belligerent - but there’s video, which shows him politely explaining his situation, and like the two previous people, refusing to get off the plane
  • The cops lied about what happened - which we can, yet again, clearly see from video

No kidding!

That seems to have been purely down to tabloid “journalists.” The Daily Mail did a big article about how this drugged-up gay sex fiend was dragged off the aircraft, and British libel law being what it is, he can get a whole lot of money out of them - and I really hope he does.


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“Van Hollen bill aims to keep airlines from ‘forcibly’ removing passengers”

  • Van Hollen Bill will pass
  • Van Hollen Bill will fail

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