David Duke: Jewish Opposition to Trump Exposes Jews as ‘The Real Problem’

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke told his radio audience Wednesday that Republican Jewish opposition to Donald Trump shows that Jews are “the real problem” and the “reason why America is not great.”

The comments, first noted by the website Right Wing Watch, came the day after the New York businessman all but secured the Republican nomination with a decisive primary victory in Indiana.

Duke praised Trump’s win, calling it an “amazing victory.”



What is it about the eyes of those with evil minds? A kind of cruel childishness.


Is that plastic surgery maybe? An affectation nevertheless.

  • Levis jeans: the Jews gotcha covered!
  • Hollywood: thats us too!
  • TV: Jews again!
  • We cant really claim all of IT, just lots of encryption fundamentals and algorithms

For a group that isnt even 2% of the US populace, I figure we’ve done quite a bit to make America great.


Ahhh… David Duke. I wonder if Trump is going to have another “earpiece problem” soon.


Europe is all like:


I realize that Duke is coming at this with a major axe to grind; but surely some rehashed ‘yellow peril’ stuff would be more on-message for Trump’s positions on trade and protectionism?

Or is the global Zionist money cabal actually the force behind neoliberal trade policies and the decline of the rust belt?


I haven’t listened … can’t … but I remember that they do opine about other groups. Once a political candidate has mobilized mobs of voters with a proposal for detaining one group in camps for national security, then it’s a shorter step to detaining other groups.

After WW2 many asked their parents how it could have happened in Berlin or Kiev. Well we’re watching it happen right now.


Because they have plenty of experience electing Nazis!

They still haven’t broken themselves of the habit.


The GOP is nominating a xenophobe who mobilizes mobs of voters with promises to detain and relocate other racial groups.


Asian-Americans are a major source of minority conservative votes. They tended to be fiscal conservatives prior to 2012 and there is a disproportionate percentage of Fundamentalist Christians in the Chinese and Korean populations of a social conservative bent.

Trump may be a blowhard, liar and hate-monger, but he is not a complete idiot*

* I am still going under the unfounded delusion that Trump’s campaign is really a big practical joke being played on the GOP. That the whole point of his run is to expose Republicans as drooling racist morons and hand the Democrats the White House. Reality is getting far too ridiculous to contemplate at this point.


Especially groups which the GOP have alienated completely prior to his run and would be solid Democrats by now.

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It’s not a joke if it’s scary. His campaign is scaring me.

Mobs of guys with red hats, relocating families to camps, cult of personality, nationalism … none of it is funny. I grew up with stories about this sort of joke. It’s like something out of Christopher Isherwood.

This is not a time for uncomfortable silences. Drumpf needs to be called out everywhere and stopped before it really is too late.


I understand that. But I am trying to use a little levity to get through what is a really messed up situation. You have to laugh sometimes, otherwise it will make you cry.

Plus ridicule is a far more effective tool for dealing with repugnant politics than panic.


You’re right. I’m sorry for the annoying tone. It’s alarming and yet I could use more levity too. Who couldn’t? But I think it’s also really dangerous too to talk about Drumpf’s campaign as though it need not be taken seriously.


Hey, don’t apologise. It is… ah, I was going to use ‘terrifying’, perhaps I see why you are using ‘scary’.
It seems like the problem with the fear that accompanies him is that it doesn’t appear to emerge without a heavy dose of farce, which compounds the scare. Scary that for the longest time he wasn’t taken seriously, scary that many of his supporters rationalise his campaign with the notion that ‘he will drop the act once he’s the nominee’, scary that other supporters are banking on him being deadly serious.

It’s one big ball of clownish terror.


You said it so well. And clowns can be terrifying.


Ya, Duke did some plastic surgery many years ago, although, it kind’a looks like he did some new refurbishing.


That part in Poltergeist always puzzled me.

What parents in their right mind though that clown doll was remotely cute enough to leave in a child’s bedroom?


Maybe they were afraid of it too?


Yeah I get that. I’m very disjointedness in the GOP.