David Tennant will make an excellent Phileas Fogg

Around the Day in 80 Worlds?


I guess that a version of the story, set in 2010, could feature Phineas Blog.

I may watch it, but I feel David Tennant would be better suited to star in a movie or series based on The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, a Philip Jose Farmer novel set in the world of the Jules Verne novel, but Fogg is an immortal conducting a mission on the behalf of an alien race in a war with another alien race.


I haven’t read this one in the original, but I did read his “le testament d’un excentrique” and your summary is pretty fair. Verne did not invent Science Fiction and Tolkein did not invent Fantasy, but they both cast huge shadows, and spawned many imitators.


He doesn’t look anything like a lion.

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Well thanks, now I’ve got this on an endless loop in my head


There’s a quite excellent game adaptation that came out in 2014. I might have to reinstall it tonight.


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