Dazzle-paint in public square in Alicante causes dizziness, triggers seizures


Some people have no appreciation for art.

I read an interesting article once about how patterns on the ground affect whether people will hang around in an area or just pass through.

Long straight lines made people not linger. I would think these long bold lines would probably do the same.

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I hope your being sarcastic. It’s a pedestrian area. Having what basically is “Camo” type painting can confuse people while walking and screw up vision and balance.

The fact that people with vision problems and seizures are complaining about the work speaks more to the ‘fail’ of the work to be placed in a public walking space rather than integrity of the work as art.


This made me wonder if this was an anti loitering method.

Then I came across the Mosquito, a device that emits a very high pitches whine that only young people can hear.

That device and this place we’re made for eachother.

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What’s more noble than suffering for art?


Man just looking at that picture makes my head hurt

at the point where the old and ill are being inconvenienced by it, they should probably say “Well, it was a fun and interesting art thing but I guess we’ll have to do something else instead”


I suppose TV programs will have to sensor out Zebra for these same people?

Suffering for art?


Huh. Count me among those who it just wouldn’t occur to that something like this could cause problems for people.

Now that I think about it, I suppose I might have thought about epileptics and how seizures can be triggered by being in a car driving under tree shadows… but then I’m not aware of them having any problem with zebra crossings.

But as for old folks having trouble traversing such a pattern, I’m aghast that one’s ability to understand the surrounding space can deteriorate so much. Makes me think you should have to regularly pass such a test to keep your driver’s license.

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I have a seizure disorder but I am not photosensitive. When my medication is low I can get dizzy and disoriented. Its not a seizure, just my brain getting messed up a bit. This pattern would definitely be a problem for me when I am in that state.


Alicante is a huge spot for elderly people from all Europe, specially Germany, to settle down after retirement (Sort of an European Florida).

I can see scores of dizzy elderly Germans laying in the floor crying “Verflucht!”.

Also, beer is quite cheap in Spain, so it may pile up with the dazzle square and elderly people problem…


Perhaps one should establish intent before making the next accusatory step.

Plaza de Pio XII? Seems sort of fitting for that particular pontiff. He isn’t exactly known these days for adhering to any strict moral lines himself (although he has his defenders among those who view the survival of the Vatican as an independent political entity as a greater good than saving any number of Jews…).

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The only point in my life when I was medicated was when I was a teen. I rarely have the seizures anymore but “my brain getting messed up a bit” perfectly describes how I often feel. I wouldn’t have thought of a zebra-stripe pattern being a huge deal, even though Kimmo’s scenario of driving under tree shadows can cause me problems, as well as the increasingly obnoxious strobe-light emergency vehicle lights.


Snow crash!

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It has caused seizures in some people with photosensitive epilepsy

Except it hasn’t. At least, according to the article linked with these very words, the pattern has concerned one mother of an epileptic. It’s a long way from concern to seizure. But don’t let that get in the way of a good story.

That’s the story, anyway. Some of us middle-aged people can hear high frequencies just fine, thanks.



I have encountered similar devices that inflict very high pitched PAIN. Inflicting that much PAIN, and causing hyperacusis which makes every other high-pitched noise that much more PAINFUL, is violence, and often drives the victims to suicide. I have collapsed and been unable to stand due to the bombardment of PAIN.

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