DC Comics: new Superman, son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, is bisexual

No hostility meant! Mainly just spelling it out for the inevitable confused folks:

“He’s dating a man? So, gay!” (Nope, bi)

“Now he’s dating a woman, phew! It was a phase!” (Nope, still bi)

“Now he’s making x-ray eyes at an enby!” (Very much still bi)

Personally, I’m tickled about it.


They’ve definitely been adding to the list a lot lately, not that I’m complaining. To DCs credit, they’re even including other queer identities. Teen Titans Academy has, it its first issue, two students talking in the cafeteria:

Matt: So … you’re, like, some kinda magically animated androgynous rag doll?
Stitch: The proper term, Matt, is “Nonbinary effigy.” Though I prefer “Genderqueer Quilted American.” Just kidding, I’m not American. Can I have your apple?
Matt: You don’t have a mouth.


I think the word you’re looking for is “triggered”.

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All New Bisexual Superman: Alien-Human Hybrid.

Makes sense when you think about it.


Oh, you sweet summer child. I’ve been pointing out comics are soap operas for years now. People die, they come back, marriages happen, they dissolve, people masquerade as someone else, someone crashes a plane, a rich billionaire moves to town, and I could go on ENDLESSLY about this topic. Other than the focus on crime and superpowers, they are nearly identical. In fact, I probably need to write an essay about it.



See also: pro wrestling… :woman_shrugging:


The Superman Bi is so old…


If I remember right Wally West had to wear something like that unlike Barry Allen who apparently had a magic anti-friction field (which if that were true, then he’d been sliding all over the place but it’s just comics so…) so his suit was just normal material by comparison.


Also, I’d like to point out that DC already had gay superheroes at least since the Wildstorm acquisition with Apollo and Midnighter (who’s actually a pretty cool character imo) which are also married. Right wingers are just mad as usual.

Edit: I forgot there’s even more.

  1. Batwoman (lesbian, and I believe officially married now).
  2. Coagula (Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol, transgender).
  3. Danny the Street (Doom Patrol too, gender queer).
  4. Harleyquin (bi, with Poison Ivy not sure if they’re married officially or not).
  5. Poison Ivy (bi, Harley’s girl <3).
  6. Apollo (Wildstorm, gay and married).
  7. Midnighter (Wildstorm, gay, married, sadistic, and Apollo’s hubby).
  8. Tim Drake (came out bi recently).

I’m sure there’s more going back decades with the back catalog. Marvel has a similar trend as well I’m sure since the writer stable for both has crossed the fence many times.


And supervillains like the Piedpiper.


Dwight Conrad: when I grow up I’m gonna have SO much amnesia!

Cubert Farnsworth: well, mine’s louder


Sexual ambiguity has always been a villanous trait.

You can tell the bad guy is especially depraved because he sexually violates both women and men.

Frankly I’m tired of seeing my orientation being used to accentuate villainy.

People think bisexuals are slutty rapists from that kind of Frank-n-Furter bullshit.


Which is why “Loki series officially confirms title character is bisexual!” was kind of a mixed bag for representation.


Actual answer from someone who’s been reading the comics for thirty+ years: :man_shrugging:

But here’s my own nerd-reasoning: The Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex essay is based on the idea that Superman has an inhumanly high base level of strength that he needs to consciously tone down in order to exist among humans. And in some stories this seems to be true, like with the occasional gag about a super-sneeze. But a lot of the time it’s written as though his base operating level of strength is human, and anything beyond that is due to conscious exertion. Which is why he doesn’t cause gusts of wind when he blinks or minor hurricanes when he farts.
It’s like speaking. Everyone has a normal operating volume, and we can choose to whisper or shout. And some people can whisper quieter or shout louder than everyone else.
So unless he’s trying to force it out, we can assume he jizzes just like everyone else.

The question fans were asking (which hasn’t been answered) is: How could Jon even be conceived when it had been established for about thirty years that humans and Kryptonians couldn’t naturally interbreed? Kryptonian genetics is supposed to be orders of magnitude more complex than human. The only successful human-Kryptonian hybrid before this was a clone made from a mix of Superman and Lex Luthor, and every one of the other clones from his project degenerated into Bizarros and died. Like a lot of things in comics (e.g. the question of how no-one has his fingerprints on file), they’re just saying “It works like this now” and we’re all just rolling with it 'cause why not?


Is He the real son of Kal El?