De La Soul's albums, for free, on their website

Why? Because it is Valentine’s day, and they love us, that’s why… and also some copyright stuff:

In case you don’t know De La Soul…


So awesome.

I’ve got 'em all already, natch.

Pos is one of the greatest rappers to ever breathe on a mic.

I’m the most from the coast of the East, then flee
Droppin more knowledge than litter, on the New York streets
It’s me, wonder why, in the place to be
Certified, as superior, MC
While others explore to make it hardcore
I make it hard for, wack MC’s to even step inside the door
Cause these kids is rhyming, sometiming
And when we get to racing on the mic, they line up to see
the lyrical killing, with stained egos on the ceiling
My rhymes escalates like black death rates
Over music plates, being played as the rule
Kids thinking stepping to the Soul, you’re labelled fools
who claims to drop jewels but for now you do the catching
I don’t worry on what crew you run, or what section of earth
you reside, you’re not even a man
So I don’t seem it mandatory taking your pride
But I will, cause my man said Soul for the life
You cried “Keepin it real”, yet you should try keepin it right
That’s understanding microphone mathematics
Which leaves the currency in temporary world status
And when one shows he posed threat to this one
This one will make that one into none
Simple equation, zero, you shouldn’t play hero
If you can’t stand Strong like the Island I’m from

damn. gets me every time.


I’d think more people would have been excited about this… De La Soul is awesome-sauce.


This thread’s not attached to an official post, so it doesn’t get many views.

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There are quite a few Happy Mutants that do not really get or pay any attention to hip hop ¯\ __(ツ) _ /¯

and like @ChuckV said, we know how the threads started by the community members tend to get buried.

I had all the albums (physically and digital) but I went ahead and copped the “singles and rarities” download. I had some of it, but not all of it–good looking out, Mindysan!

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as @noahdjango said, these things do get buried, to the point where evry few days I will deliberately go digging for stuff like this.

Glad to find it :slight_smile:

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Some of us have been too busy downloading 3 Feet High .

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The question is, how do we “fix” this… because I think that this makes this a more valuable community than other online communities… it’s not just us discussing things the official bloggers think are valuable, but bringing our own ideas of value into the conversation… Maybe that’s a discussion for a new thread?

eh, I’m ambivalent. i think it’s like @miasm said, if you care, you can find them, and really easily, too. they get bumped off the main listing due to the main site topics generating more traffic, but all you have to do is click one of the topic buttons that are found several places and everything else is in front of you. My bookmark is for the /new page, so I see everything. I only go to after I’ve done my daily browsing to see what the hot threads are and who’s in 'em.

you can’t force a community. if you do, it ruins it (we’ve talked about this before.) those of us that want to participate are doing it. we all pretty well know each other by now. to me, it’s really all good, is what it is, etc.

I guess I’m not opposed if the algorithm got changed to favor community-member BBS posts but this forum is so easily searchable it’s ridiculous (and now there’s even keyboard shortcuts–yippee!) I think the hard fact is that, even to community members that have an avatar and are frequent posters, most Happy Mutants come here to read and comment on stuff from the main page. I mean, that’s how the whole thing was set up for over ten years. If the forums blossom at all beyond what they are currently, it’s gonna be gradual as hell. but I don’t think that’s really a bad thing.

I think all that is fair enough…

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