DEA agents enjoyed sex parties funded by drug cartels




I just want to say that the sex parties I’ve organized were not financed by drug cartels - only everyday folks - and that all the sex workers involved were participating on their free time for their own enjoyment (because sex workers like to have sex for fun too when they’re not on the clock). To the best of my knowledge, no cops were in attendance - but then again, you never know with all those undercovers infiltrating everything.


Come on everyone, calm down. This is exactly like the Christmas Truce of 1914. Everyone wanted to take a break from the long war on drugs to do some blow and hookers.


Make love, not war on drugs; man!


DEA agents enjoyed sex parties funded by drug cartels

Well, geez, it would have just been a waste if the drug cartels went through all that trouble to fund sex parties for the DEA agents and they didn’t enjoy themselves.


Doesn’t this just make them more relatable?
They seemed so cold and distant before.


Drug cartel sex parties are often ranked the highest in enjoyment by nearly any standardized ranking that has been completed.


Anyone have a proposed translation of

An ATF “Director of Industry Operations” had “solicited consensual sex with anonymous partners and modified a hotel room door to facilitate sexual play.”


The mind boggles.


I wonder if a gentleman going by the name Upgrayedd was involved (which he spells thusly, with two Ds, as he says, “for a double dose of this pimping”).


I picture an agent. Standing at attention. Humming the Battle Hymn of the Republic

♫ Glory! Glory! Who the hell you? ♫
♫ Glory! Glory! Who the hell you? ♫
♫ Glory! Glory! Who the hell you? ♫
♫ Our Tax Dollars at Work! ♫


Meanwhile, there’s non-violent drug offenders sitting in prison in the United States for marijuana. Not to mention those that lose college loans, job opportunities, etc., etc.

Sure is nice for the prison-industrial complex profits, though…


Either the hole of glory or some David Carradine style shenanigans I’m guessing. Or who knows. Maybe some fold down barn door style transformer sex swing contraption.


Then there’s this from today’s Democracy Now:

    Report: U.S. Soldiers, Contractors Sexually Abused 54 Children in Colombia

A new report commissioned by the Colombian government and FARC rebels has concluded U.S. soldiers and military contractors sexually abused at least 54 children in Colombia
between 2003 and 2007. The investigator cites one case where 53 girls
in the town of Melgar were targeted by contractors who filmed the abuse
and sold the films as pornography. In another case, a 12-year-old girl
was allegedly drugged and raped by a U.S. Army sergeant and a
contractor. Under immunity agreements, none of the alleged abusers were
ever punished. The media group FAIR notes the
story has received no coverage in the U.S. corporate media. A number of
U.S. outlets have reported on a new Justice Department probe which
concludes U.S. drug enforcement agents in Colombia participated in “sex
parties” with prostitutes hired by Colombian drug cartels.


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