Dead gardener linked to boobytraps

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He does sound like the sort of person at least dozens of people would have ‘problematic’ relationships with…


This American Life did an episode with a guy who gives this schmuck a run for his money.


Probably no more boobytraps.

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“…, recreating antique firearms that use gunpowder…”

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One of my all time favorites. This is a must-hear.

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German media report that Graumann was known to be a member of a local medieval association which apparently included, among other activities, recreating antique firearms that use gunpowder.

Is this evidence of criminal intent? Is it a sign of madness? It sounds like a wholesome hobby to me, but then, I’m American.


Explosive firewood… alright then.

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Never piss off a gardener.

If anyone would know how to hide bodies In plain sight, its a gardener.


It could be a wholesome hobby for someone not inclined to assassinate people he has a grudge with. As it is, it provides insight into the kinds of booby traps he might use


No, it’s relevant to him being someone who knew how to make explosive devices and had access to the means to do so.

As in - we think he might have built/made these explosive devices because he had the knowledge to do so and he had it in for the people where the devices exploded.

Seems fairly relevant.

Although, it may not in fact be strictly true which is a bit more problematic.

This is the website of the medieval association mentioned:

It is truly terrible to look at (seriously, it’s worth looking at it just to marvel at how bad a website can be) but there is an article which if highlighted (so as to make it legible against the weird background and dodgy font) says that he ceased to be a member years ago and so far as they can tell never used any explosives in connection with club activities.

He does appear to have been interested in antique or antique-style weaponry having been given a minor conviction for firing off a frontloader pistol and possessing black powder without the relevant permits at New Years a while back.


Re-released with brilliant timing with the Cohen questioning.

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Recent update.




Man, the sequel to Being There was much darker than I expected.


Monday night, I was joking with a friend about what a butthead I will be when I feel the Grim Reaper breathing down my neck. I was planning on working my way through my List of Enemies and wreaking havoc in their lives, but my acts of revenge - doing doughnuts on their lawn, hiring a large mariachi band to serenade them in the middle of the night - are barely annoying compared to this guy.

What, I come here after DAYS and none of those speaking German has mentioned the old saying Der Mörder ist immer der Gärtner?

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I was distracted by the Cindy & Bert threat thread.

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