DEAD: Sheldon Adelson, Sands casino mogul and Trump financial backer

He’ll never get to see all the damage he’s done.

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Anti-semites are fine with people like him as long as they are “Pro-Israel”*.

* Neither are actually Pro-Israel.

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Bullshit. He was fully aware of the antisemitic element of Trump’s base. He just didn’t care. Like his daughter and son-in-law, like Stephen Miller, etc.


I like the story though. It would be poetic justice if it was that “Camp Auschwitz” sweatshirt that started stopping his heart.

Having watched a little of a video deposition with Adelson today, he acted like an arrogant, evil POS and it probably wasn’t just acting.

But to Adelson, that’s the beauty of it, he paid a supremacist, anti-semite, goy President to give him everything he could have wanted vis à vis Israel, and he got millions in tax cuts as an added windfall! Overall, it was a profitable investment.

He couldn’t care less if Trumps meshugganah supporters think Trump is on their side-- Adelson knew better.


Rot in pieces.