DEAD: Sheldon Adelson, Sands casino mogul and Trump financial backer

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hopefully the heirs to that fortune will think a little differently about to where and who their future donations will go. because this fucker was quite the enabler of scumbags. not counting on it though.


Time for a yiddish lesson, everyone! Today’s word is “shanda”, which has nothing to do with the popular TV showrunner.

‘shanda’ means ‘a shame’ or ‘an embarrassment’, and not in the “oh, I have toilet paper stuck to my shoe” sense, but in the “You are trash and I don’t want to be seen in public with you” sense.

It’s specifically known for its role in the phrase ‘shanda far di goyim’, which is “an shame in front of the NON-jews.” It’s one thing for someone to be, eh, a run of the mill jerk. But when you act in a way that openly calls attention to your Jewishness while at the same time behaving like a hooked-nose Nazi cartoon stereotype, REINFORCING the old, awful, money-grubbing, Jews-control-the-media, shifty, cheating images… that, friends, is a ‘shanda far di goyim’.

Bernie Madoff might be the most recent, nearly perfect example. A rich man, who cared for nothing but getting richer, and was willing not just to cheat, but to cheat MOSTLY OTHER JEWS. “SEE?” cry the goyim! “They eat their own!!” Thankfully, he’s in jail, and will be there a while.

Sheldon Adelson was another, exemplifying the American Jew with more apparent concern about Israel than America, willing to use his wealth to bully his way to into international politics, supporting the most corrupt and morally bankrupt folks possible because it was expedient for him. He was a bigot and a tyrant and the world will be fractionally better with him no longer in it.

Now, how to get Stephen Miller of the street…


Didn’t expect to learn any new Yiddish today, thanks. Would it be accurate to say that the Caucasian word for that is ‘karen’?


Conservative twitter after hearing this news


Would it be accurate to say that the Caucasian word for that is ‘karen’?

I dunno. ‘Karen’, apart from its gendered nature, is bad, but it’s not that bad. And it’s, alas, DISTRESSINGLY common. ‘Shanda far di goyim’, however, is not applied lightly. Someone who’s MERELY a run-of-the-mill crook, or a lousy person might be bad and mean and not nice and all sorts of other negative descriptors, but you have to go above and beyond to really EARN the title.

I have been told by a number of Black folks that THEIR equivalent is “acting the fool” or, alternatively (and my personal fave) “showing [one’s] whole ass.”

It’s hard to come up with a white-folks equivalent, because that would entail white folks 1) collectively or individually feeling shame (unlikely) and 2) worrying about how white folks are perceived by society at large, which makes no sense, since we ARE society, always have been, always will be, and we’re just fine, thankyouverymuch. (that last part was /s, if that wasn’t clear)


Ah, that’s a shame.



In addition to all that, he showed the usual naivete of those far-right Jews who see Xtianist “Zionists” and anti-Semites like Il Douche as their allies (or, for the truly arrogant, their dupes).


Oh, so it should be ‘ivanka’, then? Gotcha.


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That… is not bad. Not bad at all. You should bring that up at the next Central Caucasian Committee. Of course, it’s still gendered, and ‘Jared’ is already taken by sandwich-loving pedophiles. And besides, both Jared AND his father are firmly in the ‘shanda’ category.

Technically, Ivanka converted, so she is too, but I’m pretty sure as Jews, we don’t want her. And she still acts like a total shiksa, so…


It sucks that obits are only sensationally publicized when it’s a rich or famous person.

Lots of people with much more interesting history die every day.


I wonder how he felt about Trump after the election?


Speaking as a Nevada resident: good.


Scrooge is dead? Tee hee, tweedle dee, the first time he got joy from me!


Hell has a new Duke.

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Pft. He’ll be some deamon’s plaything for a while, nothing more.


Crap, spaced on that; totally confounds things. But maybe having a bit of appropriation* represented in the term is not entirely unhelpful?

*I will never ever believe that her conversion (or anything else!) was in any way sincere, therefore ‘appropriation’ feels appropriate here.

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Memories of Adelson on Samantha Bee’s show:

The multilevel jokes go so fast on that show!


I believe the cause of death was seeing just how many active anti-Semites showed to support Trmp and invade the Capitol. One look at the “Camp Auschwitz” sweatshirt on Robert Keith Packer of Virginia and Sheldon Adelson’s heart began to give up.

At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.