Deal: MMOVE Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds for $32

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Bike ride? No. It’s bad enough with cars that are practically silent. The last thing you need on a bike ride is noise-canceling earbuds.


I’ve been hoping for a bluetooth mono earphone so I can listen to podcasts while riding, but still have an ear free.

The podcast I listen to is recorded in mono any way, so I have no problem listening to it with one earbud.

As for these? I’m certain you can find the same quality item for half the price or less on eBay/Chinese online stores. But I’ll refrain from linking out of respect for the blatant shill.

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My dream is something with only one earbud so I don’t have the unused one bouncing around my “outside” ear…but without the mike boom that phone headsets have. Just the earloop and one headphone would rock. It’s illegal to ride with a phone headset where I live, or I’d try that. Maybe I could just remove the mike section…

Really the same goes for jogging or anything else on a mixed use path as well. It’s incredibly frustrating when going a respectful & legal speed on one of these paths (with the required by law bell) on my bike, I come up behind someone obliviously jogging down the middle of the path with ear phones in unable to hear multiple rings of the bell & vocal call-outs. Personal safety & courtesy people.

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Reads like a press release. No author credit. Shouldn’t this be labeled as the advertisement that it is?


I did some googling:

  1. MMOVE as a brand didn’t seem to exist until today when suddenly a bunch of sites are offering these things at a substantial discount, which is bad enough, but

  2. The list price and discount seem to be completely fictitious.

so…yeah. what the hell, guys?


I’ve seen this identical style of bluetooth headset in every corner of the internet – in different colors, under different brands, with different prices. From the looks of things, the housing, at least, appears to be a cheap, generic template that gets passed along among different no-name manufacturers or distributors, although whether the internals are also the same among the different brands I cannot say.

I can say, however, that if the audio quality is anything like the one I bought, which was a different brand but had the exact same housing, I would definitely pass. Very tinny, very quiet, and not good at all for noise canceling.

Why in the world is this being hawked on Boing Boing’s front page and in their store?


Motorola sliver II. It ain’t the best sound quality, but it stays where in your ear while riding and is cheap.

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I bought mine so I can watch movies/play video games at work but still look like mister business. It works great!

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How is “price point” different from “price”?

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There is something like that:

Yep, I use one of those, but the Bluetooth would be even better.

In my experience:

“Price point” typically refers to how much an item costs to make as a member of it’s quality-class. For instance Bose and Sennheiser studio monitors are in the same pricepoint. Samsung and Sony studio monitors are in then next lower price point. Chinese knockoff crapple earbuds are in the bottom price point, just below TDK, Imation, and “Store Brand”.

Whereas price is entirely just how much you’re offering to sell it for.

“Price point” is relevant to manufacturing and volume sales.

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So much for the “We take pride in curating the latest and greatest creative technology products around the globe. We personally research and hand-pick each product to ensure it meets our standards.” which I nearly fell for … hey, if BBers really tested that, has to be good, right? But it comes from TRDlabs or so, who apparently sell a lot of that cheap Chinese crap, after giving it a nice flashy video … I have something similar and the sound is just awful.

Kudos though to free worldwide shipping :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten into the unconscious habit of discounting anything that smells even faintly of an advertisement. If they’re being paid to say it, they’re as much an actor as someone who’s been paid to play Hamlet, and have the same credibility; it doesn’t even matter if they genuinely think this product is great.

It’s an item from the “Boing Boing Store”… Of course it’s an advertisement. But yeah, for cheap Chinese junk like this you might as well just buy it directly from China, sites like Gearbest and TinyDeal put the BB store’s prices to shame, and it’s the exact same stuff.

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Wow, premium!