Debussy, but EPIC for the new Godzilla trailer

This is a false statement.



Do not trash talk the Kaiju, for your house is small and easy to stomp on.


Observe with awe the intelligent and cool interaction between Godzilla and Anguirus.


Nope these are fictitious characters. They aren’t real. It was already established by others that I can say and disparage them in any way I please.

Its a guy in a rubber suit. It’s stupid. It’s just a dumb lizard.

anton webern?

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Wrong again. It’s not a guy in a rubber suit. It’s a bunch of guys spending a bunch of hours at a bunch of computers just like everything else in reality. Geeze - it’s like talking to a flat earther.


No. its a fictional character. The movie looks like crap, last one was crap.

Nice callback to the Aquaman post.

“The earth unleashed a fever to fight this infection.”

Product placement ftw!

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Thank you. I was hoping someone would catch on.

I don’t hate Godzilla. But he isn’t my thing.

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I remember being handed the sheet music for Clair de Lune by my piano teacher. Never heard it; never even heard of it. It looked monstrous. It was in 9/8. That was bad enough, but it was also in D-flat. Anything with flats is a bit more difficult on the piano, but this is so many fucking flats that if you added one more you’d be in C. For some strange reason, it shifts into just as many sharps, which actually doesn’t change anything; same scale. It wants you to do doublets, for god sake, in something that is sort of in waltz time. AND it requires you to use virtually the ENTIRE keyboard. It was horrifying. And I learned it. And was damned fucking proud to find out that I had it right. To this day I still attempt to play this and I will never be tired of it.



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It was decades before I realized that the translation of Claire de Lune was ‘moonlight’. I had always thought it was the name ‘Claire’ of the moon. Which means my two go to pieces on the piano have moonlight in the title. And actually, I kinda suck on the piano due to a slight dyslexia, but it hasn’t stopped me when I’m alone with one.

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You must be fun at parties.


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