Deception is legitimate?

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Many people think that corporations, like politicians, are not as effective as they could legitimately be, unless they are deliberately deceiving their customers. I dare you to name a big business that doesn’t deceive its users.


The more I learn about how out of control privacy is, the more I learn that the only solution is to simply clear out as much as possible on a regular basis.

I clear the browser cache regularly, deinistall and uninstall the browsers frequently, and deinstall then reinstall the operating system about yearly. That lets me get most of the caching benefits of tracking cookies and local data, but drastically reduces the number of ways that I can be tracked.


Perhaps a more effective way of doing it would be to set up a fresh OS install just how you like it, with all your ducks in a row just so, and then burn an image which you restore every few weeks.

Perhaps use private/incognito/inPrivate/etc tabs for everything…

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