Decoding the mysteries of the 'Codex Seraphinianus,' quite possibly the weirdest book in the world


It says something about the human psyche that the guy goes “I made the book extra weird for fun, it doesn’t mean anything” and people won’t believe him and insist that it must have meaning.


You know, just looking at the picture shown from his work; it s really obviously got a lot of Foucault behind it - books as “bed of knowledge (Maybe some Kafka there as well)”, the constraint and penetration of the body by a territorial ‘scientia’ , by the disciplines. The figures in the foreground showing the re-construction of a sense of self after objective vivisection. The hats seem like a symbol of participation mystique for the experienced professional - they are rhizomatic, he is mycologically connected to all other professional disciplines.

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The link to the Dangerous Minds article is broken and I’m eager to read it.

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Couldn’t agree with you more. Sometimes art has no conscious meaning for the artist, it’s simply enjoyable to make.

Googled some of the quoted text from dangerousminds.

There’s a great informational site on the Codex here:

and you can pre-order your copy of the new version on Amazon for just $75! Oct. 29th release date, I’m very excited to finally get my hands on a hard copy.

You could have looked at the page source: <a href="<a href="">

There’s a delux version as well. “An extraordinary and surreal art book, this edition has been redesigned by the author and includes new illustrations.Deluxe numbered, limited edition of 300 w/signed print”

Or, you know, Xeni could fix her html.

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I’d be inclined to agree with you, but then the interviewee in the linked article says the author is finally averring that he was interpreting telepathic transmissions from a stray white cat. Though viewed from your stance, this could be interpreted as “telling them what they want to hear and just extending the weirdo bafflement that I manufactured because I just like weird stuff.” which makes a lot more sense, actually.

It seems more likely that the cat thing is a myth, but *what if he * actually believes it?!
zomg what if that’s actually what happened!!!1!!1!!!

I bought the Franco Maria Ricci edition for around 200 euro a few years ago. It’s gorgeous (and big!), but properly it ought to be in two volumes.

Seems inspired by the Voynich manuscript to me -


You can be certain Amazon will run out of copies almost immediately after release. Another alternative is to pre-order through Rizzoli’s website:

After looking at the preview fragment visible on Amazon: Very much so.

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