Deconstructing the synth score of Blade Runner (1982)

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Used to have - or rather, still have, but it’s a corpse now - a K2500XS that had a multizoned patch with every noise from the soundtrack in it, including the arpeggio stuff, set up so you could play the whole thing yourself. Nifty. And a great synth, when it worked.


I was pleasantly surprised by how the sequel manages to keep the score extremely close to the original without ending into self-parody or nostalgia. It probably helps that Vangelis’ score is as timeless as synthwave ever got.


Delay is great. Here he breaks down John Carpenter:

I swear by Arturia’s CS-90V plugin and Native Instruments’ Absynth, but lately I’ve been doing more and more with Analog, Operator, and other synths that are just built right into Ableton Live 9. They’re amazingly powerful!

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